Beverage Liquidators Rhode Island

If you’re a distributor or wholesaler of juices, soda, or bottled water and have product lines that continue to gather dust on your shelves, Lewisco Holdings, as beverage liquidators, can purchase and re-sell these products for your company in Rhode Island or elsewhere in the contiguous United States. Our company offers experience, nationwide warehouses, and the purchase power to move any amount of product you might need to have buried well within secondary customer channels.

Beverage Liquidators Rhode IslandProduct liquidation benefits the seller and buyer. We have a vast number of contacts to facilitate a quick purchase process and match products to the perfect buyers. Here at Lewisco Holdings, we’re ready to provide fast and satisfactory service to sellers and buyers alike.

Key Features of Successful Liquidation by Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings is a liquidation company, not a broker or trader. We purchase goods outright and re-sell them. When you choose us for your liquidation needs, you can expect:

  • Fast and appropriate liquidation
  • Make space for additional inventory
  • Reduce losses and recoup funds
  • Protection of brand, customer base, and manufacturer guidelines
  • Capacity to liquidate any quantity of merchandise
  • Same- or next-day pickup due to strategically located warehouses and distribution centers nationwide
  • Discreet product distribution buried well outside primary customer channels
  • A quick offer and payment upon acceptance
  • One source for liquidation of all products

Lewisco Holdings can take care of more than beverages, although we do welcome all sorts of non-alcoholic beverages from energy drinks and soda to vitamin, coconut, flavored, and regular water. Other products we redistribute include frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food items, wet and dry pet food and treats, HBA merchandise, paper products, and cleaning items. No matter how much merchandise you need to liquidate from your overflowing shelves, call Lewisco Holdings to take care of it!

The clients that we serve number in the thousands. These manufacturers and distributors call us, provide the relevant information about the merchandise for sale, receive a fast and fair offer, and accept immediate payment. Your overstocks, cancellations, discontinuations, updated products, seasonal items, and any other slow-moving merchandise can still provide a profit when you send it to the secondary market.

Distribution into the secondary market is the second half of the liquidation process. We have many purchasers, but they’re screened and verified. Each one is committed to manufacturer restrictions, geographic limitations, and brand protection. The schools, prisons, salvage food groceries, small independent mom-and-pop stores, and other entities that purchase from us are far outside your current distribution network.

Any sales-based company will, at some point, face outdated and obsolete product issues. We can help you deal with this problem without losing your entire investment. A top-dollar, fair offer and quick pickup will get rid of the problem products and get your cash flow moving again.

As a major player among the beverage liquidators of Rhode Island, Lewisco Holdings is prepared to provide fast and efficient service. Our numerous facilities and superior customer service demonstrate our readiness. Call (917) 651-0101 for more information on selling to or buying from Lewisco Holdings. We pride ourselves on giving aging merchandise new life and extending discounts to the secondary market.