Beverage Liquidators Oregon

Do you have an excess inventory of beverage merchandise and require the services of the best liquidators in Oregon? If so, Lewisco Holdings is the answer.

Beverage Liquidators OregonFrom juices to bottled water, ready-to-drink teas, protein shakes, and other shelf-stable beverages, problematic merchandise finds a solution in liquidation through Lewisco Holdings. We buy and redistribute beverages and more for companies across the nation. We have the experience, transportation network, and purchase ability to effectively and discreetly transfer any volume of goods into alternative lines of distribution.

Liquidation is beneficial for everyone involved. It prevents waste and allows first-line wholesalers, retailers, and distributors to avoid absolute losses while providing alternative channel customers with high quality goods at lower than low prices. The sellers and buyers within our rolodex allow us to move products fast and meet the needs of both.

Highlights of the Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Process

  • We liquidate; we don’t broker or trade.
  • Our liquidation offers both speed and protection.
  • Companies who choose liquidation have room for new purchases.
  • They also minimize losses and lower overhead.
  • The brand, customer base, and manufacturer expectations are protected.
  • Any quantity of products, many or few, can be liquidated.
  • We pick up the same or next day using our carefully positioned warehouses and dedicated carrier fleet.
  • Confidential concealment in alternative sales channels confirmed through many measures.
  • We deliver immediate payment, pickup, and redistribution.
  • We liquidate a vast array of product categories for a single liquidation source for many companies.

The Categories of Liquidation Merchandise

The categories of goods we liquidate extend far beyond beverages. While we buy and redistribute a plethora of alcohol-free beverages including every shelf-stable drink from bottled water to protein shakes, we also welcome grocery items of all kinds, pet food and treats, paper goods, HBA items, and cleaning products into our inventory. Lewisco Holdings provides a range of products to benefit opportunity buyers.

At Lewisco Holdings, we proudly serve thousands of clients including some of the most significant brands in the world. To begin liquidation, give us a call and relate the brand/label, package size, ingredient list, nutrition facts, all dates on the interior and exterior of the package, quantity of goods, location, and preferred price. We can then provide an offer and arrange for fast payment and pickup.

The clients that we serve number in the thousands. These manufacturers and distributors call us, provide the relevant information about the merchandise for sale, receive a fast and fair offer, and accept immediate payment. Your overstocks, cancellations, discontinuations, updated products, seasonal items, and any other slow-moving merchandise can still provide a profit when you send it to the secondary market.

When goods enter our inventory, we immediately go about the business of finding the perfect buyer among our customer network. Each of these buyers is fully screened and proven to be true to manufacturer restrictions limiting display, advertising, wholesaling, and location of use.

The typical alternative buyer is a private retailer, school, prison, salvage grocery store, flea market vendor, or food bank. Liquidated goods are never seen in less than ideal circumstances.

Beverage liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings, provide Rhode Island primary distributors and opportunity buyers a valuable service. We have the well-developed network of contacts, transportation logistics, and warehouse facilities to handle this job well. To explore the advantages to your organization that Lewisco Holdings can provide, call (917) 651-0101 today.