Beverage Liquidators Oklahoma

Having trouble turning a profit due to overrun shelves filled with stagnant goods? Liquidators in Oklahoma can turn your beverage, grocery, and general merchandise into purchase power and clean shelves; call Lewisco Holdings to begin the process.

Beverage Liquidators OklahomaThe process of liquidation starts with the purchase of excess inventory that we then resell into alternative markets. Those who sell to us have a return to profitability with the ability to buy unwanted products, and those who buy from us gain quality, name brand goods at rock bottom prices.

Goods Liquidated through Lewisco Holdings

  • Alcohol-free beverages (bottled water, sports drinks, prepared teas, ready-to-drink coffee, juice, fruit-flavored drinks, protein shakes, and other shelf-stable beverages)
  • Grocery items (frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry goods)
  • Pet food and treats (canned, kibble, biscuits, jerky, etc.)
  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper plates, napkins, etc.)
  • HBA items (toiletries, cosmetics, hygiene products)
  • Cleaning products (chemicals and implements)

The Comprehensive Network of Buyers and Sellers We Use

Transferring products out of the first lines of distribution and into alternative markets is efficient and effective when the liquidator has plenty of contacts to make purchase and redistribution easier. Lewisco Holdings has thousands of sources for inventory and hundreds of buyers.

The condition of liquidation goods varies. The products range from overstocks to closeout goods, canceled orders and turndowns, expired or nearly expired merchandise, short-coded goods, leftover products of goods with newer versions, out of season holiday, seasonal, or promotional products, discontinued product lines, and other slow to sell merchandise.

We provide our clients with the best price possible, fast service and payment, and same or next day pickup. You will not find a liquidator more likely to provide satisfactory and discreet service.

The products we deal in require confidentiality. We respect the guidelines from the manufacturer that cover display, advertising, geography, and sales. In addition to providing a private label repackaging service with our label, Mabel’s Farms, we also limit the type of entity to whom we sell.

Our customers include small mom-and-pop retailers, salvage grocery stores, community food banks, jails/prisons, schools, farmers’ markets, flea market vendors, and other members of alternative markets.

We absolutely do not sell to primary supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, or first-line distributors. Our clients know that their goods will never be seen where you wouldn’t want them to be.

Choosing Lewisco Holdings for liquidation makes sense if you value convenient, effortless, and straightforward processes. Whether you have a lot or a little of unwanted goods, call Lewisco Holdings.

Liquidation may not be the best option for your goods. You may want to retain ownership and possession and serve as a proxy salesperson instead. Our buyer group will provide plenty of targets for sales, and we’ll arrange for shipment when we find the right one.

Buying from Lewisco Holdings is just as simple. We offer a variety of products and target the product to the buyer. Simply let us know the types of goods that interest you, and we’ll call when appropriate products enter our inventory.

Call Lewisco Holdings if you’re looking for the best beverage liquidators in Oklahoma. We will benefit your business with private and confidential liquidation or with the opportunity to buy quality, discounted goods. We await your call to provide you with any answers you may need: (917) 651-0101.