Beverage Liquidators Ohio

Discontinued product lines, poor purchase decisions, and seasonal merchandise can all linger on shelves and keep your sales from moving forward. Any slow-moving merchandise that takes up limited shelving and storage space will prevent you from turning a profit or purchasing new inventory that will sell. Beverage liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings, can help your Ohio business by liquidating the goods that won’t move in a manner that protects your company’s reputation.

Beverage Liquidators OhioOur liquidation process works in a dual manner. For members of the primary marketplace, we offer an avenue for recouping investment money while providing the secondary market with the opportunity to purchase name-brand goods at the lowest possible price. We’re good at what we do, and we have the reputation to prove it.

The Kinds of Goods That We Buy and Sell

Regardless of the product type, we can likely assist with liquidation services. Non-alcoholic beverages aren’t the only category of product that we sell. We also redistribute groceries of all kinds, pet food and treats, cleaning products, paper goods, and health and beauty aids. Reach out online or by telephone to see how we can assist with liquidation today.

Our operations extend from coast to coast. We have many warehouses and a large transportation network. The more than 400 buyers in our network benefit from the high-quality goods and deeply discounted prices that allow them to stretch their budgets and maximize profits.

The types of companies that we sell to in the secondary market consist of stores like privately-owned mom and pop retail stores, prisons and jails, correctional facilities, community food pantries, and deep-discount salvage groceries.

Each of our buyers is vetted well to make sure that the company has what it takes to prevent damage to the brand’s reputation by following manufacturer guidelines and ensuring discretion.

Liquidation Processes

Taking a loss on the entire investment in your inventory shouldn’t be the price for slow-moving merchandise. While sluggish products are an inevitable cost of doing business, you can mitigate the loss. Allow us here at Lewisco Holdings to help deal with any of your products that aren’t moving as quickly as you need them to.

For over 3,000 manufacturers, distributors, importers, and exporters, Lewisco Holdings provides liquidation services. Becoming a seller is a simple process: give us a call to find out how convenient and fast the process can be.

Trusting us with your label’s reputation is quite significant. Lewisco Holdings screens every buyer and requires that the restrictions on geography and advertising are strictly followed. Our buyers and those of our sellers never overlap.

If you decide that liquidation services are right for your business, begin the process by filling out the forms online or by telephone. We will need the following information to make a fast and fair offer:

  • Quantity of goods
  • Brand of the items
  • Photographs of the products
  • Category of goods
  • Preferred price
  • Dates on the inside and outside of all packaging

This will trigger a fair offer, and if you accept it, we can pay immediately and pick up the goods the same day or the next. Fast action, plenty of financial backing, and a national reach allow us to service numerous customers.

If you’re considering hiring beverage liquidators in Ohio, think Lewisco Holdings. We provide wide-ranging service without limits to quantity or scope. Reach out by calling (917) 651-0101 or using our website to become a buyer or seller of slow-moving merchandise.