Beverage Liquidators North Dakota

Liquidation is a common enough business process. Time passes, and goods age. If inventory hasn’t sold after a period of time, a choice must be made. Lewisco Holdings is one of the best beverage liquidators in North Dakota and beyond, providing an established process for giving dead products a second chance at usefulness.

Beverage Liquidators North DakotaLiquidation is the outright purchase and redistribution of unwanted goods. With our contacts, we’re able to target the right goods to the right buyer regardless of location, quantity of goods, and time of the year. Most importantly, this process doesn’t put the original brand in danger of tainted exposure.

The Methods We Use at Lewisco Holdings

Fairness in pricing is key to the satisfaction we at Lewisco Holdings provide our clients and buyers. Both the sources of our inventory and those who buy from it are able to benefit from our service. Those for whom we liquidate goods receive a return of their investment, at least partially, rather than a complete loss and the need for disposal, and our customers get quality, usable, name brand goods for unbelievably low prices.

The Lewisco Holdings method of liquidation relies on our connections, our many warehouses, and our dedicated carrier network to handle the job quickly. A significant part of the process is experience.

The alcohol-free beverages that we handle include water, juice, fruit-flavored drinks, sports drinks, carbonated drinks, and any other shelf-stable prepared drink. Additional products within our inventory include groceries, pet food and treats, paper products, cleaning tools and chemicals, and HBA items.

The Brand Protection Lewisco Holdings Provides

When primary marketers choose not to go with liquidation, the reason is often fear of exposure. Lewisco Holdings provides the brand protection you need to liquidate without worries about your brand being seen in less than pristine environments.

To make this promise, we absolutely refuse to sell to primary market players. We will not sell to convenience stores, supermarkets, or restaurants. Our customers include private small businesses and institutions like schools and jails. A few examples include salvage grocery stores, food pantries, prisons, schools, flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, and other alternative customers.

Are You Ready for Liquidation?

If so, give Lewisco Holdings a call. We’ll service your company with liquidation quickly and fairly. A few situations that merit that call include cancelled orders/turndowns, discontinued product lines, overstocked merchandise, expired or nearly expired goods, products with newer versions available, products that have been part of a holiday, seasonal, or other type of promotion, and all other merchandise that is selling slower than expected.

Whether the inventory you need to liquidate is limited in number or numerous, we can readily purchase, pickup, and deliver the goods without issue. To begin, provide us with the relevant product information and photos. We can usually generate and offer a rate we’re willing to pay for the goods, and if you accept, we will pay right then and pick up the goods that same day or the next.

Other services we provide take liquidation to a whole new level. If you’d like for us to sell the goods on your behalf, we can scour our contacts, arrange purchase, and deliver. A turnkey auction service is another option.

Lewisco Holdings offers the service of premiere beverage liquidators to the businesses of North Dakota. Returned funds, clear shelves, and lower overhead are the results, and a phone call to (917) 651-0101 can trigger the cause.