Beverage Liquidators New York

A second life for inventory in the secondary marketplace is one call away with Lewisco Holdings. As an experienced leader among beverage liquidators, your New York business will benefit from our commitment and performance, whether your company is a buyer or seller of surplus beverage products.

Beverage Liquidators New YorkLiquidating beverages, and other goods, is a process wherein overstocks and slow-moving merchandise are sold to us. We then redistribute the same inventory to the secondary market at the lowest possible price. We offer a long history of successful liquidating efforts, and we have the reputation, network, and large capacity for performance to prove it.

Whether you have a single pallet or multiple truckloads, rely on Lewisco Holdings to assist you with getting your cash flow moving, making room for new products, and discreetly redistributing your date-challenged, cancelled orders, bad purchases, or other surplus goods.

Lewisco Holdings Is Happy to Work with You

… as a Seller

Instead of cutting your losses and dumping sluggish products in the rubbish, think of us. We offer fast liquidation that’s convenient and fair. Your end will be practically effortless as your products enter and find new life in the secondary marketplace. Non-alcoholic beverages will enjoy restoration as a product within our buyer network. We also welcome food and grocery items and general merchandise.

Selling to Lewisco Holdings is simple. Reach out to supply us with all the necessary information about the products in question as well as photographs of them, and we will send a fair offer over quickly. Should you be happy with the price, we will pay you immediately and make arrangements to pick up that day or the next. Our wide distribution of warehouses and our transportation network make the pickup efforts fast and simple.

You can also choose to keep your products but let us sell them for you. We’ll help you get top-dollar and provide delivery services.

… as a Buyer

Purchasing goods is but one half of our liquidation endeavors. We need buyers to receive the products that we purchase. Our buyers are vetted thoroughly to make sure that they consistently follow manufacturer restrictions on geography and advertising while submitting to the discretion expected in the secondary market. They get how important this discretion is and keep it, understanding that our business relies upon it.

The buyer group to whom we sell is over 400 strong and scattered throughout the continental United States. Our buyers include the following, just to name a few:

  • Private retail store
  • Deeply discounted salvage grocer
  • Community food bank
  • Correctional facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Many more

Be confident that our buyers and our sellers’ customer base never overlap. We limit redistribution in order to protect the brand and the reputation of those from whom we buy products. As we sell surplus products, we make sure that restaurants, convenience stores, and main grocery stores are not on our customer list. We deliver to the secondary market, where your products won’t be seen in anything less than ideal condition.

If you’re on the hunt for beverage liquidators in New York, Lewisco Holdings is the superior option. Our network and capacity are strong, and we sell a plethora of merchandise categories. Reach out to (917) 651-0101 to sell or buy with us. We’re committed to keeping waste down and profits protected.