Beverage Liquidators New Mexico

Before you pull up the dumpster to the backend of your warehouse in New Mexico to dispose of slow-selling beverage merchandise, read on to discover the benefits that liquidators like Lewisco Holdings can provide.

Beverage Liquidators New MexicoOur experience and long history have led us to develop effective best practices that result in maxed out payments, fast service, and promised discretion.

By choosing Lewisco Holdings, businesses can clear room for new merchandise fast. Our name is well-known in the liquidation world, for good reason. Our service is available from coast to coast and we’re not limited by purchase power, transportation logistics, or buyers. Call us when you want to get rid of goods without risking your brand or if you’d like to buy some of those name brand goods we offer at astonishingly low prices.

If your liquidation needs extend beyond beverages, you are in luck. Lewisco Holdings purchases a vast array of product categories. We specialize in grocery/food items and non-alcoholic beverages, but we also regularly buy general merchandise like HBA items, paper goods, and cleaning materials. Give us a call to find out if your goods are eligible for our inventory.

We buy goods outright and then redistribute them confidentially into appropriate alternative customer channels.

Call on Us for Liquidation Service

Choosing Lewisco Holdings among the high number of available liquidation providers is the smart choice.

We offer national availability with a dedicated carrier network and warehouses spread throughout the states. Speed is always possible because we’re never more than a day away.

In addition to the great logistical capacity, we also have deep purchase ability and an efficient valuation, payment, pickup, sales, and delivery process. We handle liquidation goods quickly, understanding that many have a ticking clock.

Selling to us will allow you to get cash back instead of taking a total loss. You will also have the display and storage space back to refill and decrease overhead costs.

With our process of liquidation comes protection for the brand and the originating company’s reputation. We require that all buyers be vetted and heed manufacturer rules regarding liquidation use. When we resell goods, they’re never seen in the conditions they would have originally been used. The private label, Mabel’s Farms, is our own private label designed to enhance brand protection.

Being a provider of liquidation, Lewisco Holdings doesn’t broker or trade. We buy outright, allowing our clients complete release from the burden of excess goods. Our service includes outstanding customer support, and we’re well known for acting fairly with both our sources of inventory and buyers of that inventory.

Make Purchases from Our Liquidation Inventory

The entities that buy from us number in the hundreds, so we’re able to handle large volumes and diverse categories of goods. The buyer we service comes from alternative channels and may be a community food pantry, jail/prison, mom-and-pop retail spot, school, deep-discount salvage grocer, flea market vendor, or another opportunity buyer in this realm.

We monitor closely to make sure that these institutions use the goods they buy appropriately as due liquidation goods.

As you look for the best beverage liquidators in New Mexico, look to Lewisco Holdings for private, fast, and fair service. Our team stands ready to assist with one quick call to (917) 651-0101 in order to sell, buy, or explore alternative options.