Beverage Liquidators New Jersey

Liquidating inventory is a common need of many companies as goods age and sales slow for one reason or another. As leading beverage liquidators in New Jersey, Lewisco Holdings has proven year after year to be an expert in purchasing goods and providing them with second lives within the salvage food marketplace.

Your aging, seasonal, or almost expired goods can enjoy a second act, but they need to be redistributed. We, at Lewisco Holdings, can match them to the right buyers.

Understanding the Lewisco Holdings Process

Beverage Liquidators New JerseyLewisco Holdings can provide a fair price for your unwanted beverages and other merchandise. In turn, we provide buyers with the chance to purchase these goods at deep discounts, stretching their budgets significantly.

We work quickly but effectively with the assistance of our connections and our numerous, nationwide distribution warehouses. Knowing how to get the job done and having the components to do it are the key attributes of Lewisco Holdings.

Beverages are not the only merchandise we redistribute. Our reach stretches from food to non-alcoholic beverages, pet food, paper goods, cleaning products, and health and beauty merchandise.

Liquidate Merchandise without Risking Brand Reputation

Sending goods to the secondary market isn’t without risk, but by selling your unwanted goods to Lewisco Holdings, you can protect your brand and your customer base.

We don’t allow advertising by our buyers. We do not re-sell to restaurants, convenience stores, primary supermarkets, or full-line distributors. Instead, our buyer group includes small privately-owned grocery stores, salvage food stores, community food banks, prisons, and schools. We have over 400 buyers, so we can handle any quantity of product that our sellers need to move.

Will Lewisco Holdings Purchase Your Products?

If you’re thinking of liquidation, Lewisco Holdings can help. Nationwide, we have multiple warehouses and re-distribution centers, so we can provide fast service and payment. Items we purchase include discontinued merchandise, overstocks, merchandise close to expiration, older versions of products with recent packaging or ingredient updates, closeouts, off-season inventory, and other slow-moving products.

Lewisco Holdings has the available cash, trucks, and distribution centers to handle any load of product – from small to large. If interested, give us a call and provide the needed information. We’ll make a fast offer and immediate payment upon acceptance. Then, we’ll schedule a pickup for the same or the next day.

If having us purchase your goods for re-sale doesn’t work for you, Lewisco Holdings provides other services. The products can remain yours while delegating the sale and shipment to us. Our contacts also include auction experts, and we can put you in touch with the best way for you to get absolute top dollar for select products.

Beverage liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings, can help your New Jersey-based business by clearing shelves and helping you recover the maximum funds possible. Our effective services can be secured on a recurring or one-time basis, so call (917) 651-0101 today to make it happen.