Beverage Liquidators New Hampshire

How can your business grow profits when stuck with beverage merchandise that won’t move? It can’t. The answer to this particular conundrum comes in the form of beverage liquidators like Lewisco Holdings, which serves New Hampshire and the rest of the continental United States. We help companies manage inventory to regain the most possible on their investment while making room physically and monetarily for reinvestment into more profitable merchandise.

Beverage Liquidators New HampshireOur benefits to businesses and organizations are two-fold. By providing rescue from problematic merchandise, we build an inventory that we then bury in the secondary market. This opportunity to buy deeply discounted, name brand goods helps small, private businesses and organizations to maximize profits or to do more with a limited budget, respectively. We’re set apart by our history and our processes.

Goods We Welcome into Our Inventory

Lewisco Holdings can buy goods regardless of quantity, location, and time of year. We operate with speed and decisiveness, welcoming household goods into our inventory. Call us if you have food and grocery items, pet food or treats, or general merchandise to liquidate.

The beverages that we purchase and distribute are non-alcoholic. Examples of such include bottled water, sodas, juices, fruit-flavored drinks, kids’ drinks, protein shakes, sports drinks, and any other shelf-stable beverage.

The entire continental US is our service region. We have several warehouses spread from coast to coast, and we sell to 400+ separate accounts. Our inventory serves private retailers and organizations with a way to spend less on necessary products to provide their customers or clients. We’re proud to serve these private dollar stores, correctional facilities, schools, community food banks, and discount salvage grocers. When the economy sputters, these organizations provide a hand up to all. As a safeguard for brand reputation, we restrict our buying group to vetted entities who’re committed to following all manufacturer restrictions.

The manufacturer restrictions generally apply to limitations on brand display, advertising, geography, and wholesaling. When these steps are difficult, we also offer repackaging service under our private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Steps to Trigger Liquidation

Every wholesaler, importer, retailer, and distributor will at some point face the need for liquidation. You can call Lewisco Holdings for a single liquidation service or set up a rotating, regularly provided service. If you’re dealing with close-dated, closeout, slow-moving products, call us. We’ll provide a fair offer, immediate payment, and pickup that day or the next.

To join the ranks of the 3,000+ companies we buy from, reach out with relevant product info. We require photographs, label/brand info, nutrition facts, ingredients, package size, units per case, cases per pallet, pallets per load, location, and preferred price. We will send over an offer that day in most cases.

Alternatives to this liquidation process include a turnkey auction service that we can provide or our sales team operating on your behalf. We’ll arrange for shipment once the sale is made, and you’ll get the maximum amount in return.

Buyers have alternatives as well. Normally, we’ll call with targeted buying opportunities when our inventory matches your preferences; however, buyers can let us know they have a specific need, and we will hunt those products down on their behalf.

When you’re ready to call beverage liquidators in New Hampshire, choose Lewisco Holdings. You can contact us online or by calling (917) 651-0101 to become a seller or buyer of liquidated goods.