Beverage Liquidators Nebraska

As beverage products become too old for the first-line retail spaces in Nebraska, liquidators like Lewisco Holdings give them new opportunities. If your stock of alcohol-free beverages needs to be weeded out and refreshed, count on us. We work hard so that you can focus on finding new merchandise to replace the unwanted inventory you sell to us.

Beverage Liquidators NebraskaA premiere liquidator, Lewisco Holdings has a wealth of experience and a full rolodex of contacts that can provide us with inventory as well as take it off of our hands. With this network, a dedicated carrier network, and numerous warehouses throughout the country, Lewisco Holdings is able to buy and redistribute goods easily.

When merchandise on your shelves or storage isn’t moving, is near expiration, or has been part of a cancelled order, reach out to us here at Lewisco Holdings.

When merchandise goes beyond the point of prime condition, avoid throwing it away when it can be used by someone else. Lewisco Holdings specializes in transferring inventory into alternative customer channels. While we buy and sell alcohol-free beverages, our inventory also welcomes groceries, pet items, cleaning goods, paper products, and HBA items.

Beverages like bottled water of all types, prepared coffees and teas, juices and juice-flavored drinks, sports drinks and protein shakes, and any other shelf-stable, alcohol-free beverage is welcome within our inventory for liquidation purposes.

We make liquidation a breeze. You can sell to us with our straightforward process that begins with a simple contact. Provide relevant info about the merchandise, i.e. brand/label, dates on the label, nutrition facts, ingredient list, package size, quantity of goods, location, and preferred price. We will then be able to estimate the value in the secondary markets and make an offer. Should you find it acceptable, we will pay right then and pick up that day or the next.

An alternative approach Lewisco Holdings provides is to act as a sales force directly on behalf of your company. Max out your return with no heavy lifting. We will find a buyer, arrange for shipment, and require little input from your end.

If you’re part of alternative customer channels and ready to buy quality goods at the lowest possible price, why not become a Lewisco Holdings buyer?

We will require vetting for every buyer, and you’ll also need to follow manufacturer guidelines regarding usage. No advertising, wholesaling, display, or extending beyond geographic bounds is permitted. Liquidated goods should never find themselves in front of the originally intended customers in a less than prime format.

We sell to 400+ separate buyers including independent small retailers, prisons/jails, deep-discount salvage grocers, community food pantries, schools, flea market vendors, and more. Clients rely on us to handle their brand with care, so we prohibit any major supermarket, restaurant, or convenience store from buying out of our inventory.

We have a large selection of diverse buyers so that we’re able to buy a wide range of merchandise without regard to type, location, volume, etc.

Lewisco Holdings is the best of the beverage liquidators you can call as a business in Nebraska. We serve the entire Lower 48 and can quickly turnaround products with discretion and care. By calling (917) 651-0101, you can arrange to liquidate goods or to buy products from a liquidation inventory.