Beverage Liquidators Montana

When beverage items linger in your Montana store’s cooler or backroom shelves for far too long, call beverage liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. Holding on to products that aren’t turning a profit instead of buying more of what will is a huge mistake. Instead of losing your entire investment, turn to the experts at liquidation to recoup some of your funds without worries about brand exposure or too much time spent on the process.

Beverage Liquidators MontanaThe process of liquidation serves two masters: those retailers, wholesalers, and distributors from whom we buy and the food banks, schools, and prisons to whom we sell. Whether you need returned cash or a great price, come to Lewisco Holdings for a liquidator who knows the industry and will perform up to expectations.

The Goods We Can Buy

You’ll be surprised by the goods that Lewisco Holdings is able to buy. From alcohol-free beverages to grocery items, pet food and treats, paper goods, cleaning products, and health and beauty aids, an array of goods are welcome within the Lewisco Holdings inventory. If you’re unsure of whether we deal in the goods you carry or require, why not give us a quick call to find out? Our customer service team is top-notch and happy to help however you need.

The Lewisco Holdings’ footprint is large. We buy and redistribute goods throughout the continental United States, using a dedicated carrier network and numerous warehouses to work quickly and efficiently. The jails and prisons, schools, dollar stores, salvage groceries, and community food banks that we sell to can obtain their purchases quickly, an important attribute for liquidators of groceries and beverages. Salvage goods are on a ticking clock, and we work it to our buyers’ advantage.

Those buyers who take advantage of our low prices for high quality, name brand goods are required to follow all manufacturer guidelines regarding brand exposure, geographic boundaries, advertising, wholesaling, or other indiscreet sales. Mabel’s Farm, our own private label, will protect the original brand when needed. We protect our clients’ reputations and brand images at all costs, and to buy from us, you must as well.

When You’re Ready for Liquidation

When the new beverage that you thought would be the next big hit begins to stale, don’t beat yourself up about a bad purchase decision. Just liquidate the goods, and move on. Choose Lewisco Holdings to handle any near dated merchandise, discontinued product lines, cancelled orders, or otherwise problematic merchandise.

Sources for Lewisco Holdings’ inventory numbers in the thousands. Some of the top brands in the country sell goods to us. Call us and provide the information we need to get the process going. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting.

To determine an offer, you will need to supply the category of product, brand/label, quantity of goods, location, preferred price, all dates, package size, ingredient list, and nutrition facts. You’ll have an offer shortly, and when we come to terms, payment will be immediate, and pickup will occur that day or the next.

Beverage liquidators in Montana are there for the first and second line marketers to save time and money. Lewisco Holdings serves the entire country with confidential and speedy service for all of our clients and customers. Discover how we can be of assistance by calling (917) 651-0101 today!