Beverage Liquidators Missouri

Disposing of slow-moving merchandise is a regular process undertaken by companies when a product fails to sell. Lewisco Holdings is a leader among food and beverage liquidators in Missouri, and we’ve shown over a long period of time that we know how to benefit both buyers and sellers within the salvage line of distribution.

Beverage Liquidators MissouriAs goods age and approach their “best by” or expiration date, the time comes to move them on. Instead of remaining in the primary distribution chain, sell them to us. We will locate buyers for the merchandise and give it new life within the secondary line of distribution.

The Way We Work Will Work for Buyers and Sellers

Here at Lewisco Holdings, our relationships matter. For our sellers, we provide a chance to recoup as much as possible of their investments into the unwanted surplus products, and for buyers, we offer the opportunity to receive great discounts. We aren’t brokers or traders; we purchase slow-moving inventory outright and then redistribute it into the salvage food market.

Lewisco Holdings can handle all sorts of merchandise. The range of goods we purchase and re-sell runs the gamut from non-alcoholic beverages to food, paper products, pet foods, and other general merchandise.

Redirecting merchandise to the secondary line of distribution can be risky for your reputation and brand, but not when you choose Lewisco Holdings as your liquidator. We protect your company by burying your goods far from the primary line of distribution.

Among our list of buyers, you’ll find independently owned supermarkets, deep-discount salvage grocers, correction facilities, and schools. Our 400-plus buyers provide us with the resources needed to re-distribute any quantity of goods.

Knowing If Your Goods Are Eligible for Purchase

Lewisco Holdings can provide fast and fair liquidation services. In addition to having plenty of buyers within our network, we also have a nationwide string of warehouses and ample financial resources to provide quick payment. Our purchases typically include goods that are selling slowly for the following reasons:

  • Overstocks
  • Discontinued merchandise
  • Almost expired merchandise
  • Obsolete packaging or ingredient versions
  • Seasonal products
  • Closeouts

Whether you have a couple of pallets or a warehouse full of slow-moving beverages or other merchandise, give us a call. After you provide photographs and relevant product information, we will provide a purchase offer and pay quickly if you accept. Once the deal is done, we will pick up your goods the same day or the next.

While our regular process is to purchase goods and re-sell them, Lewisco Holdings also offers companies our sales services. You also might appreciate help with auctioning your unwanted goods. We’ll get you top dollar and arrange for shipment. Buyers may also request that we find specific products on their behalf as well.

If you’re looking for Missouri-based beverage liquidators, Lewisco Holdings can happily assist with the process. Have your shelves cleared quickly and ready for an injection of new products. Whether you would like to book a one-time service or a scheduled, regular pickup, call (917) 651-0101 today, and we can help make it happen.