Beverage Liquidators Massachusetts

If your warehouse shelves are loaded with the same aging merchandise that’s been lingering for months on end, instead of throwing it away and cutting your losses, consider beverage liquidators. We, at Lewisco Holdings, offer liquidation services to businesses in Massachusetts and the rest of the country. Speed, discretion, and top dollar payment are the hallmarks of our process as we help you clear those shelves and retain as much of your investment as possible.

Beverage Liquidators MassachusettsWith Lewisco Holdings, you can quickly make shelf room for new inventory and get your cash flow moving again. We’re a leader in the liquidation arena, with a nationwide footprint and the assets to provide quick payment and pick-up for any amount of product. You’ll be completely free of the burden of your unwanted goods because we will purchase them outright and then redistribute them discreetly into the secondary market.

Beverages aren’t the only items that we can purchase and send into the secondary market. We’ll also purchase food products (frozen, refrigerated, canned, or dry), pet food and treats (wet and dry), cleaning products, paper goods, and health and beauty items. After purchasing your overstocked and unwanted merchandise, we’ll redistribute it, but we make sure to verify and screen every recipient of your products in order to protect your brand.

What Your Company Stands to Gain by Choosing Lewisco Holdings

… As a Seller

You might have plenty of choices for securing your liquidation needs, but Lewisco Holdings ought to be the one you call first.

Choose one of the following highlights, and you’ll see why:

  • Lewisco Holdings has a nationwide footprint with distribution sites and warehouses from coast to coast.
  • Our assets and logistical capacity enable us to provide a fast offer, immediate payment, and same- or next-day pickup regardless of the quantity of goods.
  • Sellers gain available cash flow, lower overhead expenses, and available space on shelves and in warehouses.
  • Our system provides brand protection and follows manufacturer restrictions by keeping products far from your primary customer base, providing repackaging and an in-house brand, Mabel’s Farms, and vetting and managing every buyer in our network.
  • Lewisco Holdings is not a broker nor a trader. We provide top-notch customer service and satisfactory transactions to our sellers and product to our buyers.

… As a Buyer

Over 400 distinct organizations purchase deeply discounted, high-quality goods from Lewisco Holdings. Our company offers an easy method of purchase, fast delivery, and high quality. Typical buyers include community food banks, correctional facilities, schools, smaller privately-owned stores, and non-advertising deep-discount salvage groceries. Every buyer within our network is monitored and managed while also providing name-brand, quality goods.

If your business has non-alcoholic drinks that won’t sell, you can likely recover some of your investment. We regularly purchase close-dated, expired, seasonal, and obsolete merchandise. Whether you have canceled orders, a stock of discontinued items, or beverages that won’t move for any other reason, let us help. Lewisco Holdings will quickly purchase your goods at a fair price and re-distribute them to verified buyers.

If you are searching for beverage liquidators in Massachusetts, count on the professional team at Lewisco Holdings. Our experience, history, expertise, confidentiality, speed, and efficiency will serve you well. Give us a call at (917) 651-0101 to discuss how we can help turn your unwanted merchandise into potentially profitable merchandise.