Beverage Liquidators Louisiana

Slow-moving beverage products take up space and limit the profitability of your endeavors. Without space for display and storage and cash for new purchases, how can your Louisiana company progress? Beverage liquidators like Lewisco Holdings assist companies as they offload inventory and minimize losses as a normal business process.

Beverage Liquidators LouisianaLewisco Holdings resolves problems for businesses in two directions. In the first lines of distribution, we provide protection from clogged sales, and for secondary markets, we provide access to brand name, quality merchandise at extremely low rates. Our reputation and long-lived history stand as testaments to our practices and commitment. We are liquidation experts, not brokers or traders.

Products That We Buy

The best practices employed by Lewisco Holdings are used across the board for any quantity of products. We can handle liquidation quickly, and we deal in goods of various categories including alcohol-free beverages, food, pet items, and general merchandise. Give us a call if you’re uncertain about the liquidation potential of your inventory.

The buyer group connected to Lewisco Holdings spans the nation. The 400-plus separate accounts purchase the goods in our inventory at bottom dollar prices. Whether you’re the manager of a dollar store or the head of a community food bank, come to Lewisco Holdings when it’s time to maximize your margin or spread out your budget.

The secondary market we sell to consists of salvage grocers, correctional facilities, schools, dollar stores, food banks, charitable organizations, farmers’ markets, and more. If you’d like to take advantage of liquidated goods, contact us with the type of goods you need and demonstrate your willingness to stick to the rules of the process.

In the process of liquidation, we strive to conceal the original brand to protect the company’s reputation and customer channels. We require all buyers to submit to manufacturer restrictions regarding ads, display, and geography. We’ll even provide repackaging under the label, Mabel’s Farms, for complete concealment. Discretion is key to a successfully liquidated product.

To Get Started

Perfect purchasing measures don’t exist. A certain percentage of products are always bound to perform at lower than expected rates. Contact us at Lewisco Holdings when you have overstocks, close-dated goods, discontinued lines, outdated products, or other slow sellers. We’ll help as soon as you reach out.

If you choose us for liquidation, you’ll be in good company. Lewisco Holdings partners with over 3,000 separate first-line distributors and retailers. Products that won’t sell can be out of your way fast. Just contact us and provide us with the information we need.

To calculate an offer, you’ll have to provide photos, the brand/label, quantities of products, all dates on packaging, ingredient list, nutrition facts, package size, location, and preferred price. Offers are usually provided the same day that we receive that info, and if you accept, we’ll collect the goods that day or the next and send payment immediately.

Choosing us for liquidation also means that you can be comfortable in the confidentiality of the process. Lewisco Holdings demands that our buyers consider brand protections and follow all rules.

If you’d rather have our sales team look for buyers while you keep the product, we can arrange that as well. Other options include a turnkey connection to the auction process. Both of these avenues generally reap a larger return.

Companies who need the services of beverage liquidators in Louisiana should contact Lewisco Holdings: (917) 651-0101. Our nationwide reach comes with fast and fair service, all performed discreetly and with satisfying customer service.