Beverage Liquidators Illinois

When aging out of the primary marketplace, close-dated and expired foods, beverages, and general merchandise can have a second life. Manufacturers looking to provide this second life for their unwanted non-alcoholic beverages should look no further than Lewisco Holdings. We are beverage liquidators that service the state of Illinois as well as the rest of the nation.

Beverage Liquidators IllinoisExperienced and dedicated, Lewisco Holdings is a leader in the liquidation industry. Our vast history and network of contacts allow us to purchase large quantities of product and re-sell it quickly and without difficulty. If you have slow-moving inventory, expired products, or canceled orders, get in touch with Lewisco Holdings to take the product off your hands.

Work with Us as a Seller

Don’t just toss products that you think are past the point of salability; check into the services we provide at Lewisco Holdings. We’re specialists in efficiently transitioning products to the secondary marketplace. In addition to non-alcoholic beverages, we also purchase food items, whether they’re frozen, refrigerated, canned, or dry; pet food and treats; cleaning chemicals and products; paper goods; and some other household items.

Becoming part of our selling group isn’t difficult. Contact us and provide specific information about the products, location, and preferred price. Once we receive the relevant info, we’ll make an offer, and if you accept, we’ll arrange for fast pick up and payment.

We can also make our sales force available to sell your goods for you. You get top dollar, and we arrange for drop shipment directly to customers as sales occur.

Work with Us as a Buyer

Our focus as we move product into the secondary market is to protect our sellers’ reputations and customer channels. That’s why to become a buyer from Lewisco Holdings, you must submit to screening and pledge to follow manufacturer restrictions and geographic limitations. As a buyer, you have to promise not to advertise, wholesale the product, or reintroduce these goods into the primary marketplace.

Becoming one of our many buyers makes you part of a well-established, verified group of over 400 distinct organizations. Our buyers include independent small stores, deeply discounted salvage food stores, community food banks, correctional facilities, and schools. Confidently allow us to redistribute your product and protect your customer base by keeping the merchandise far from primary supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores.

A wide-ranging selection of potential buyers chooses Lewisco Holdings to purchase all sorts of products because they know we always have a source for re-sale.

If you’re searching for beverage liquidators in Illinois, Lewisco Holdings is happy to provide the ideal solution to your problem. Since we have a wide footprint, we can take care of any quantity or type of overstock and turn it around quickly. Reach out to (917) 651-0101 whether you’re interested in being a seller or buyer of qualified goods.