Beverage Liquidators Idaho

From Boise to Twin Falls and beyond, if your beverage inventory runneth over in Idaho, direct it into alternative sources through liquidators like Lewisco Holdings.

Beverage Liquidators IdahoAt Lewisco Holdings, we focus on transferring goods into new markets where they’re not seen by originally intended customers. Our specialty extends to alcohol-free beverages, so if your storage or display is starting to show a film of dust or is reaching expiration dates, call us. We have the best practices, buying power, transportation network, and experience to make it happen effortlessly.

When you choose Lewisco Holdings to liquidate goods, the experience will be stress-free and beneficial. We know how the system works; our network is large; and we can purchase any amount of goods, from any location. We buy from thousands of different wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, many of whom are the largest brands in the country, and we redistribute the goods we buy to hundreds of vetted buyers far separate from the first lines of distribution.

The beverages we move are without alcohol. Some of the types of beverages we buy and resell include bottled water, vitamin water, flavored water, spring water, coconut water, 100% juice, fruit-flavored drinks, kids’ drinks, energy drinks, protein shakes, sports drinks, sodas, ready-to-drink tea, prepared coffee, and any other alcohol-free and shelf-stable beverage.

Buyers searching through our inventory find more than beverages! We buy and offer excess groceries, pet food and treats, cleaning goods, paper products, and hygiene and beauty aids. If you’d like to buy from us or sell to us, give us a call to discuss specific products. You’ll be surprised by the breadth of our inventory.

Lewisco Holdings’ Buyers Gain Many Benefits

Organizations and private retailers interested in our inventory gain high-quality products at low, low prices. The goods that we redistribute shouldn’t be wasted, so we sell them to hundreds of buyers like salvage discount grocers, privately owned dollar stores, food pantries, schools, churches, prisons, charitable organizations, and other buyers separate from the primary market.

As Do Sellers

Keeping slow-moving beverages beyond their prime is a huge mistake. The profitability of the goods dissolves over time as the toll of overhead costs accumulate. Instead of losing your entire investment, consider the value of liquidation. You’ll be able to buy more goods once you have an influx of cash and space.

Since liquidation often involves potential brand exposure, choose Lewisco Holdings to avoid this result. Not only do we vet every buyer, but we also require them to follow manufacturer restrictions and provide repackaging services. Liquidated merchandise should never be heavily displayed or advertised, nor should it be sold outside of geographic limits or sold as wholesale goods.

The process of liquidation will begin when you provide us with photos of the goods along with the brand/label, list of ingredients, nutrition facts, all dates on the interior and exterior, package size, quantities of goods, location, and preferred price. We usually provide an offer the same day, and if you agree to it, we will pay immediately and pick up the goods that day or the next.

Lewisco Holdings leads the pack of beverage liquidators in Idaho. Our service is essential to distribution, providing a method for recoupment by first lines and savings for second lines. To explore the services we can provide, call (917) 651-0101.