Beverage Liquidators Connecticut

Companies who suffer from overrun shelves filled with slow-moving beverage inventory and require liquidators in Connecticut should look to Lewisco Holdings as an established and trusted source of liquidation. We will help you regardless of where you are, how much you need to move, and the category and condition of the products. You will receive the best possible price before we pick up the products and bury them within the secondary market. Whether you are interested in selling or buying surplus goods, Lewisco Holdings can help.

Consider the Advantages of Choosing Lewisco Holdings

Beverage Liquidators ConnecticutThe methods that we use to liquidate goods isn’t complicated. Lewisco Holdings buys and re-sells surplus goods. Sellers benefit from the recouped investment and cleared storage while the buyers benefit from the chance to buy quality goods at rock bottom prices. We aren’t brokers or traders, making it an effortless process.

The reason that we’re successful at what we do is the lengthy relationships we have with our network of contacts, as well as the quantity of warehouses and financial backing at our disposal. We make companies happy because they have a quick payment and a fair price without a great deal of effort.

Qualified Beverage Categories

The following categories of drinks can find a second life through liquidation services:

  • Bottled spring, vitamin, and other kinds of water
  • Children’s drinks
  • Juices
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Bottled coffee
  • Bottled tea
  • Protein drinks
  • Other shelf-stable beverages

We don’t only liquidate non-alcoholic beverages. Lewisco Holdings also welcomes all sorts of grocery inventory, pet food and treats, and general merchandise. Instead of assuming that your products are worthless, give us a call. We commit ourselves to channeling goods into usable avenues rather than landfills!

Choose Lewisco Holdings as a Source of Surplus Goods

The best deal possible is the one that you get from Lewisco Holdings. Sellers will receive the maximum value of their goods, and buyers will receive high-quality merchandise for lower than wholesale rates. Liquidation provides the only way to this dual purpose.

The secondary market that we service includes more than 400 separate facilities. These buyers include privately owned discount salvage grocers, prisons and jails, educational facilities, community food pantries, and privately owned retail stores.

Choose to Sell to Lewisco Holdings

Slow-moving merchandise doesn’t sell and doesn’t make money. As time goes by, the overhead for storing these goods accumulates and costs even more money while also preventing stocking moveable merchandise. Get your cash flow moving and your storage open through liquidation methods.

The service that we provide here at Lewisco Holdings lets inventory be taken discreetly and profitably from the primary market and transferred to the secondary. As we provide this service, we will respect the importance of your brand and make sure that your products aren’t seen in less than ideal condition or heavily displayed or advertised in the secondary market.

You might find a plethora of beverage liquidators in Connecticut, but Lewisco Holdings is heads above the rest. We are dedicated to respecting the brand and the reputation of our clients, even providing Mabel’s Farm as a private label to help conceal the manufacturer’s brand. Surplus products can enjoy a return to salability in the secondary market. Call (917) 651-0101 to discover how you can become a seller and buyer of liquidated goods!