Beverage Liquidators California

Overflow inventory clogs shelves, slows cash flow, and limits new investment into products that move. Beverage liquidators in California can clean your shelves of the merchandise that is causing the problem and get your inventory moving again.

Here at Lewisco Holdings, we offer the services you need to manage unwanted non-alcoholic beverage inventory and offset the investment losses your business is experiencing. In addition to speed and efficiency, we also allow you to maintain control over your brand’s introduction to the secondary marketplace.

Beverage Liquidators CaliforniaIn the beverage liquidation industry, Lewisco Holdings has a position of great success as an independently owned and operated food and beverage liquidation and distribution master. We earned this status through years of expertise and effort. When you are overwhelmed by discontinued or otherwise slow-moving beverages, we can provide the fast remediation of your problem.

To make quick work of your backlogged non-alcoholic beverage stock, give us a call. While we offer liquidation for a vast range of short-dated and overstocked goods, one of the categories we move is beverages. We can help you dispose of the following goods:

  • Bottled water
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Flavored water
  • Vitamin water
  • Juice
  • Bottled tea
  • Coffee beverages
  • Coconut water
  • Protein drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Any shelf-stable beverage

Lewisco Holdings proudly has partnerships with more than 400 special, vetted buyers throughout the country. We purchase overstocked and near-dated merchandise and then re-distribute the goods to appropriate buyers within the secondary market. Examples of those entities include educational institutions, prisons and jails, food pantries, and independently owned deep discount stores.

We have the resources to pay top dollar for your merchandise and the connections to buyers to re-sell them quickly. By selling to Lewisco Holdings, your company will make much-needed room in your warehouse space and increase workable cash flow while protecting your brand, manufacturer restrictions, and customers.

When your company contacts Lewisco Holdings, you’ll have access to a quick evaluation, offer, and payment if accepted. The transaction will happen quickly, and you’ll be free of the burden of the merchandise. We’ll pick up the very same day or the next.

We have the track record and logistical elements needed to provide stellar liquidation services. The wide footprint of our warehouses and redistribution facilities aids in providing fast pickup from sellers and delivery to buyers. The purpose of Lewisco Holdings is to provide a satisfactory result to our sellers and buyers.

Because we purchase unwanted merchandise to re-sell with a quick turnaround, buyers have a great opportunity to purchase top-notch, name-brand non-alcoholic beverages at deeply discounted rates. Your company’s inventory can be refreshed with budget-friendly items that allow you to pass on savings and protect your organization’s finances.

Lewisco Holdings can even help you find special, particular products for your shop, organization, or community outreach.

We’re a major player in the industry of beverage liquidators. We at Lewisco Holdings provide your California-based business with a great solution for slow-moving merchandise to provide room for an influx of new, profitable merchandise. By calling (917) 651-0101, your company can begin the process of selling or buying a range of goods that we transition from the primary to secondary markets.