Beverage Liquidators Arkansas

Beverage inventory that doesn’t sell fast enough can cause serious problems in the supply chain, and for first line distributors in Arkansas, liquidators like Lewisco Holdings are the solution.

Beverage Liquidators ArkansasLiquidation is a process that removes slow-selling merchandise from primary markets and transfers it into suitable secondary avenues. Not only does liquidation free up space within storage and display spaces, but it also provides renewed purchase power and confidential disposal that doesn’t result in complete loss. Lewisco Holdings leads the liquidation market and operates with secrecy, speed, and targeted sales.

The majority of the products we handle qualifies as beverage/grocery inventory. Our long term experience demonstrates our commitment to client satisfaction and capacity for success. The dedicated carrier network and multiple warehouses across the country allow Lewisco Holdings to perform consistently and without limits set by volume, season, or location.

If you need liquidation now, on your terms, call Lewisco Holdings. We work fast to take unwanted alcohol-free beverage items off your hands. A few examples of beverages we typically purchase include:

  • Bottled water
  • Vitamin water
  • Flavored water
  • Spring water
  • Sodas
  • 100% juice
  • Fruit-flavored drinks
  • Ready-to-drink teas
  • Prepared coffee
  • Coconut water
  • Protein shakes
  • Energy drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Kids’ drinks
  • Any other shelf-stable beverage

The unique buying group that we at Lewisco Holdings serve is over 400 distinct entities strong. Our inventory of liquidated goods are sold and used by these private retailers and organizations. In order to protect the original customer channels, we never sell to supermarkets, restaurants, or convenience stores. Instead, we target goods to schools, prisons, animal shelters, food banks, and privately owned dollar stores and salvage grocers.

The Lewisco Holdings’ pool of resources is such that we pay fair, and we pay fast. Our buyer group is large and diverse enough to quickly redistribute all manner and volume of product. Why would you throw away usable beverages for a complete loss when they can still be used by secondary market members?

The process of liquidation is basically effortless. You’ll need to take a few photos and upload them along with some information. Once we know the required details about the products in question, we can estimate a value, send an offer, and arrange purchase if you agree. Our payment will be sent immediately, and pickup will be that same day or the next.

By handling liquidation quickly and fairly, we’re able to satisfy our clients and buyers. Once we buy goods, we target them for redistribution quickly, a quality that is critical for liquidation goods. Our clients enjoy a hands-free, worry-free way to receive recoupment of investment, and our buyers appreciate the opportunity to buy quality, name brand goods at rock bottom prices.

If straightforward liquidation doesn’t fit your needs, consider alternative paths. Lewisco Holdings will operate as a sales team for you or provide a turnkey auction service. Alternatively, we can seek out specific products on behalf of secondary buyers.

Lewisco Holdings is the best source for those seeking out beverage liquidators in Arkansas. The slow-moving merchandise within your inventory doesn’t have to ruin your profit margin. When you decide to clean out your storage, we will provide a return of your investment without endangering confidentiality. Call us at (917) 651-0101 to learn more about our process or arrange for liquidation or to become a buyer of said merchandise.