Best Way to Liquidate Excess Grocery Inventory

Liquidation is an essential part of the distribution chain, but it’s a step few primary marketers enjoy. Finding the best way to liquidate excess grocery inventory is essential to maintaining profitability and a balanced stock of goods. Lewisco Holdings’ liquidation processes provide you with the highest return possible and sustained control as your brand goes into the secondary market.

The Significance of Liquidation Inventory

Best Way to Liquidate Excess Grocery InventoryLiquidation worthy inventory often poses a risk for primary marketers. First, they stand to lose their entire investments plus overhead, but they also risk damage to the brand if liquidated poorly.

Lewisco Holdings offers several advantages over the competition.

Greater Returns – Appropriately supplied liquidation is a great solution for combatting potential losses on surplus inventory. We have a quick operating process and a collection of buyers to best redistribute goods. Our purchase power is also substantial, and we’re well known for dealing fairly with our clients.

Greater Control – The security of your brand demands control over the products once they enter the secondary market. Lewisco Holdings strictly regulates the liquidation we provide, vetting buyers and targeting sales while requiring a restriction on display, advertising, wholesaling, and violating geographic bounds. Our own private label, Mabel’s Farms, secures the confidentiality of the brand and liquidation processes.

We protect customer channels and maintain the integrity of them by restricting sales to the secondary market. We do not sell to restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets. Instead, we sell to alternative customers like flea market vendors, farmers’ markets, prisons, schools, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, independent dollar stores, and other off-the-beaten path opportunity buyers.

Greater Speed – Liquidation needs to be speedy; the goods are often on a ticking clock toward obsolescence. We at Lewisco Holdings offer a large collection of potential buyers, a dedicated carrier network, and numerous warehouses across the country. We can move inventory quickly, no matter how much, what kind, when, or where.

Greater Convenience – Lewisco Holdings provides great convenience for both our sellers and buyers. Our sellers need only provide relevant product information to receive a fast and fair offer, and we provide immediate payment and pickup either the same day or the next. We take control of the goods at that point, and our clients need not worry any further about the inventory.

For buyers, we provide targeted sales and fast delivery of purchases. We can even hunt down specific products that you may need upon request.

Turnkey Auction Service – If the traditional liquidation process doesn’t work for you, Lewisco Holdings still can. We provide a turnkey auction service that will give you greater returns and an effortless experience.

Examples of products purchased by Lewisco Holdings:

  • Closeouts and markdowns
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Overstocked merchandise
  • Items near or past the best by or expiration dates
  • Older versions of products with newer recipes and packaging
  • Canceled orders and turndowns
  • Seasonal, promotional, and holiday products
  • Slightly damaged packaging or mis-labeled products
  • Slow-moving products for any other reason

The categories of products we focus on liquidating include frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods; non-alcoholic refreshments; pet food and treats; and general merchandise like paper products, HBA items, and cleaning merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings provides the best way to liquidate excess grocery inventory for all players within the first lines of distribution. For more information or to schedule liquidation or request the opportunity to purchase, call us at (917) 651-0101 or follow this link.