Liquidate Your Short-Coded Food Inventory

Do you need to liquidate your short-coded food inventory? Lewisco Holdings is a liquidator that you can count on for trustworthy, confidential, and fair service. Independently owned, we serve the entire Lower 48 States. 

Liquidate Your Short-Coded Food InventoryWhen products sell too slowly and continue to languish in storage, your investment goes beyond the initial price to include all of the overhead that you continue to accrue day by day. For maximum return, call on Lewisco Holdings. We have the transportation and distribution network, cash reserves, and buyer network to liquidate products regardless of the quantity or product category.

Confidential Transfer into Nontraditional Customer Channels

Controlling redistribution during liquidation is key to successful outcomes. Sellers must trust that the liquidator will protect their brands, and that’s exactly what we do. With our vetted buyer group, we can successfully resell products safely and quickly. 

The process of liquidation allows you to divest yourself of short-coded inventory without risking the name of the brand or diminishing the perception of the retail space.

To protect the brand, we have safeguards in place. Mabel’s Farms is our private label that we use for repackaging purposes to conceal a brand when it’s otherwise impossible. We also require that our vetted buyers refrain from display, advertising, breaking geographical bounds, and wholesaling. 

The typical Lewisco Holdings buyer may be a school, jail/prison, deep-discount salvage grocery store, exporter, flea market vendor, farmers market, etc. By limiting our sales to these nontraditional opportunity buyers, we can further protect the brand and the originally intended customer channels.

The inventory that you’ll find at Lewisco Holdings is wide-ranging, specializing in grocery merchandise.

We buy and redistribute frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods; bottled water, juices, sodas, and other alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages; kibble, canned, and other style dog and cat food and treats; and general merchandise like HBA, cleaning, and paper products.

The Lewisco Holdings Process of Liquidation

Lewisco Holdings offers liquidation that is fast, easy, and discreet. The process will begin once you deliver to us photographs and relevant product information, and we’ll follow with a fast offer, usually the same day. If you choose to accept the offer, we’ll wire the funds right away and collect our purchase the same day or the next. 

Keys to Liquidation through Lewisco Holdings include:

  • Protection of the brand’s identity and reputation
  • Service regardless of volume and product category
  • Status as liquidators – not brokers or traders
  • Coverage from East Coast to West Coast
  • Fast and fair outright purchases
  • Immediate payment for products
  • Convenient liquidation process

Liquidation through Screened and Targeted Buying Group

The buying group that Lewisco Holdings serves makes use of brand name goods at rock bottom prices. We can help private retailers grow their customer bases by passing on significant savings or build their profit margins with lower than wholesale inventory, or we can help organizations like schools, jails, and nonprofits do as much as possible with a finite budget.

Reach out to our team if you’d like to become a buyer. Once you submit to our vetting procedure and let us know the categories of goods that interest you, we’ll follow up with you whenever fitting products come into our inventory.

Lewisco Holdings is able to liquidate your short-coded food inventory in a way that benefits you and our buyers. Our experience, preparation, and commitment leads to liquidation success. Explore more about our services, or book your own by calling (917) 210-9395 or following this link to contact us online.