Liquidation Grocery Pallets

Liquidation of grocery merchandise by Lewisco Holdings is effortless whether you have a few pallets or several truckloads of problematic goods. Our service will be able to provide you with every opportunity to recoup the investment made in products, whether from the initial purchase or overhead spent.

Liquidation Grocery PalletsWithout this valuable service, businesses find profitability difficult. Lewisco Holdings allows you to get some of your money back without putting your brand at risk, and the process is a complete break.

We are not brokers or traders. Lewisco Holdings purchases goods outright for redistribution into alternative markets.

In the liquidation arena, Lewisco Holdings leads the way. We provide new life to otherwise dead merchandise, clear shelves, introduce cash, and help businesses recover from purchasing mistakes, accidents, or other problems during distribution.

Spikes in grocery prices inspire more and more families to turn to salvage grocery stores, community food banks, and other alternative grocery sources. We offer a range of canned, frozen, and shelf-stable dry foods that allow customers to do more with less.

The products that we buy are generally near or past expiration, overstocked, or otherwise no longer appropriate for primary markets.

Upon purchasing goods, we direct them into targeted avenues within the buyer group that we have. When we allow buyers to join our buyer group, we vet them thoroughly and emphasize the necessity of following manufacturer restrictions.

The first call that you make when considering liquidation should be to Lewisco Holdings. We will provide an avenue of offloading goods in a way that is effortless and fast without sacrificing brand concealment.

Our transportation network consists of a dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen separate warehouses spread throughout the nation to quickly pick up and deliver liquidation goods.

Liquidation from Lewisco Holdings expands beyond food and groceries. Our purchases include non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and household goods like cleaning implements and chemicals, paper products, and HBA merchandise. If you question the potential of liquidation within our inventory, we’ll be happy to verify; just reach out online or via phone.

We provide confidential liquidation buying opportunities to 400+ distinct accounts operating in the non-traditional market. These parties must commit to protecting the brand’s identity and reputation by refraining from advertising or display as well as selling within geographic bounds. When concealment is difficult, we also provide repackaging services under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms.

If you’d like to sell problematic goods to us, reach out either online or by phone. The process is seamless and fast. We make purchases from thousands of primary marketers including some of the biggest brands in the country. The typical goods that we purchase may range from closeout goods to overstocked, turned down, or otherwise less than pristine.

All that we’ll require for liquidation to begin is photos of the products, the brand/label, a list of ingredients, nutrition facts, the package size, all dates on the package’s interior/exterior, quantity of goods, location, and desired price. This information will quickly be followed by an offer.

Whether you’d like to buy pallets of liquidation grocery items or remove them from your way, allow Lewisco Holdings to provide a convenient, fast, and fair service. We operate on a nationwide basis with a considerate and comprehensive customer support staff. Reach out today here on our website or by calling (917) 210 9395.