Beverage Liquidators Alabama

A solution for overstocked non-alcoholic beverage merchandise in Alabama comes by choosing Lewisco Holdings. We’re a leader among liquidators in the US, offering nationwide service for all sorts of products, enabling first-line marketers and retailers to recoup losses and secondary market organizations and retailers to extend budgets and profit margins.

Beverage Liquidators AlabamaWe offer an efficient, high-quality level of service made possible by the lessons learned over many years of experience. Privately owned, we purchase goods outright, remove them from first lines of distribution, and provide them with new life within secondary markets. Examples of the types of merchandise we buy include discontinued product lines, short-coded goods, older versions of updated products, and other slow-moving goods.

Within the Lewisco Holdings catalog of goods, buyers find groceries of all sorts, HBA items, pet products, and more. Alcohol-free beverages are a primary category we manage including the following non-exhaustive list:

  • Bottled spring water
  • Bottled flavored water
  • Bottled vitamin-fortified water
  • Bottled coconut water
  • Energy drinks
  • Sports drinks
  • Protein shakes/drinks
  • Carbonated beverages
  • 100% juices
  • Fruit-flavored drinks
  • Ready-to-drink tea
  • Prepared coffee
  • Children’s drinks
  • more

The group of organizations that purchase from Lewisco Holdings is well-screened and limited to trustworthy buyers. To become part of this 400-strong group, secondary market members have to verify with us that they will follow all restrictions as relating to display, advertisements, and geographical boundaries of sales.

The typical buyer we services includes the following type of entity:

  • private mom and pop retailers
  • educational institutions
  • jails and prisons
  • community food pantries
  • deep-discount salvage stores
  • animal shelters
  • charitable organizations
  • more

The quality service we offer to those who sell to us and buy from us makes it possible for us to have loyal, long-lasting relationships. We aren’t brokers or traders. Instead, we purchase goods outright and then re-sell them.

Liquidation is essential, and we’re the ultimate source for it. We make it possible to clear space, decrease overhead, and increase capital. Understanding the importance of your brand, we have protections in place and demand that they be followed. Manufacturer restrictions, deep concealment into the secondary market, and fast resolution are keys to liquidation that protects the original product source.

Lewisco Holdings methods are fast and effective: same-day offers, immediate payment, and same or next day pickup. We offer warehouse locations throughout the country and a dedicated carrier fleet to make swift work of liquidation business.

To sell to us, send photos of the goods, the label/brand, the ingredient list, nutrition facts, package size, all dates on the interior and exterior of the packaging, the quantity of goods, the location, and the preferred price. We will send an offer ASAP and pay immediately if you accept.

Our buyers stock their shelves at rock bottom prices with quality, name-brand goods. For private retailers and small budgeted organizations, the savings we provide can make all the difference in the successes possible. The quality of goods we offer, at the prices we request, won’t be found through other means. Buyers can also come to us and request specific categories of goods, and we’ll hunt high and low for those products.

Lewisco Holdings leads the pack of beverage liquidators in Alabama and beyond. To buy or sell liquidated products, contact us online or call (917) 210-9395. We await the opportunity to provide a streamlined process for liquidation sales and purchases.