Wholesale Grocery Closeout Brokers

Resolve stagnant grocery closeout inventory and return to profitability by relying on the best liquidators in the business, Lewisco Holdings, rather than wholesale brokers. We purchase and redistribute products in a range of conditions and benefit the sellers and buyers with whom we deal. If you’d like to arrange for a liquidation sale or would like to become one of our buyers, contact our team today!

Maximize Profits with Grocery Liquidation

Wholesale Grocery Closeout BrokersMaking the most of the profit margin is the responsibility of every company. As producers raise prices, grocery stores often feel the pinch of a tighter margin on potential profits. Liquidation allows these retailers to recoup as much of their investment as possible when products fail to meet sales expectations.

The Role of Grocery Liquidators

Food liquidators like Lewisco Holdings purchase unwanted food, beverage, and household goods from first-line market players, including producers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and exporters. Then, the merchandise bought is confidentially redistributed into the secondary market where it can be used or sold.

Liquidation is a necessary part of grocery distribution, but the numerous variables involved make working with professionals the ideal solution. We offer a service that takes the problem off your hands with minimal effort and worker allocation. Our buyer network, logistical capacity, and purchase power allow us to handle a wide array of goods no matter the time or location.

We regularly liquidate products in various conditions including overstocked, overrun, outdated, discontinued, leftovers from updated product lines, seasonal, holiday, promotional, or otherwise slow-moving products.

We’re ready to buy and sell practically any of your excess merchandise – frozen, refrigerated, dry, and canned foods; non-alcoholic beverages; pet food and treats of all types; and household items ranging from HBA items to paper and cleaning goods.

If you’re unsure of why you should choose liquidation, consider the various ways that the choice can help offset losses for poor purchase decisions.

Widen Profit Margins – A tight profit margin benefits from any action that can maintain or improve upon it. Lewisco Holdings provides a clear way to avoid taking a complete loss on merchandise that isn’t selling appropriately. Furthermore, with the products gone, you’ll have cash and space to reinvest and avoid the operational problems associated with lagging inventory.

Mitigate Storage and Overhead Expenses – When products sell slower than anticipated, storage is the result. The room dedicated to storing these products could be used to store and display better-selling merchandise, so holding onto these goods for longer than necessary can be costly, especially when you factor in the electricity and manpower required to hold onto the products.

Overcome Issues with Problematic Inventory Practices – Appropriately handling grocery inventory is vital to success, so resolving problematic goods as early as possible is ideal. Doing so will make it possible to quickly return to profitability.

Choose Experienced and Proven Liquidators

Lewisco Holdings has a long history of proven liquidation. Reach out to our team to explore how we can quickly and confidentially liquidate your goods. To begin, all we need to make an offer is relevant product info and photographs of the merchandise. We usually send an offer on the same day, and if you accept, we’ll wire payment immediately and arrive to take the problem off your hands that day or the next.

The dependability of Lewisco Holdings’s liquidation service will handle your problematic grocery closeout merchandise better than wholesale brokers could. We don’t broker or trade; we purchase. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to cut ties with unwanted goods by selling to professionals you can trust to handle your brand appropriately.