Wholesale Candy Closeouts in New Jersey

Are you searching for solutions for wholesale candy closeouts in New Jersey? Lewisco Holdings is the answer. We purchase many grocery, beverage, and household products and transfer that inventory into appropriate avenues within the secondary market.

Wholesale Candy Closeouts in New JerseyThe buyers to whom we cater are well-removed from the original customer channels. Rather than restaurants, quick stops, and supermarkets, we target sales to our trusted group of customers that include community food pantries, schools, jails/prisons, after-school programs, mom-and-pop retail spots, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other alternative market customers.

Lewisco Holdings puts the complete satisfaction of our customers and clients first. Our long-standing reputation for successful liquidation shows our capacity and dedication. We work with integrity and a deep understanding of what matters when liquidating merchandise.

The Buyers of Liquidation Merchandise

Lewisco Holdings has a strong buyer network that facilitates liquidation from all of the foremost brands and distributors in the world. When buyers can purchase brand-name, high-quality products like those we liquidate, they can do so much more with less.

Customers of Lewisco Holdings fall into non-traditional channels and number over 400. The buyers we serve range from small mom-and-pop stores to private dollar stores, community food banks, correctional institutions, farmers markets, flea market vendors, schools, deep-discount salvage stores, and other non-traditional outlets.

A small budget goes further with liquidation purchases. Schools and nonprofits can do more on a shoestring. Small, independent stores also benefit when they can pass on savings to customers, develop a reputation within the local area for savings, and extend a small profit margin.

Manufacturer restrictions govern the use of liquidation products. When we sell products, our buyers must agree to refrain from displaying, advertising, wholesaling, or selling outside the geographic limitations. We can provide a private label repackaging service, designating goods as Mabel’s Farms when needed. Our customers must respect the brand’s identity and reputation and their vulnerability during liquidation.

Enter our buyer network by contacting us, verifying your operations within alternative markets, submitting to our vetting practices, relating the product categories of interest, and waiting for our contact. When relevant products enter our inventory, we’ll reach out with an opportunity for purchase.

The Suppliers of Liquidation Merchandise

The liquidation inventory we distribute into alternative markets comes from many clients from whom we buy unwanted goods. We purchase food of all types, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, bulk candy, paper products, cosmetics and toiletries, cleaning goods, and other household excess.

The sources of our inventory range from manufacturers to retailers, first-line distributors, importers, exporters, and other primary marketers. We serve over 3,000 separate buyers, providing fast, confidential liquidation with a fair price for goods.

Are short-coded, close-dated, nearly expired, overstocked, closeout, discontinued, mislabeled, slightly damaged, or otherwise slow-moving merchandise hindering your business’s profitability? Allow Lewisco Holdings to help. We will purchase your inventory and redistribute the products into our confidential buyer network. Reach out with photos and product info for a fast offer, quick payment, same- or next-day pickup, and courteous service.

Wholesale candy closeouts in New Jersey will find a new home via liquidation provided by Lewisco Holdings. Click here or call (917) 651-0101 to discover how we can improve your outlook as a buyer or seller of liquidation-worthy merchandise.