Where to Buy Salvage Groceries in New York

Wondering where to buy salvage groceries in New York? Lewisco Holdings leads the liquidation market. We specialize in buying and redistributing goods throughout the continental United States.

Where to Buy Salvage Groceries in New YorkOur capacity to liquidate isn’t limited by season or volume. We have an army of sellers and a targeted group of screened buyers to whom we cater. All of our measures are implemented in a fast and discreet fashion as well.

When clients want to sell goods to us, they simply reach out to us with photographs, product info, pickup location, and preferred price. We buy products from thousands of different entities, including some of the foremost brands in the world. The offers that we make are fast and fair, and when we buy goods, we pay immediately via wire and collect the goods within two days.

A key element of liquidation is the confidentiality of the process. The brand’s identity and reputation must be protected at all costs. We do so through repackaging under our own private label, Mabel’s Farms; limiting sales to non-traditional buyers; and requiring that manufacturer regulations follow the products.

The liquidation that we provide is as a single event or a recurring schedule, but for our buyers, we take note of the type of products each finds interesting and contact them when we have goods they may want to buy. Our history of successful liquidation is evidence of our practices.

We work with speed, an advantage that comes from the thirteen warehouses that we use, located around the nation, as well as our own dedicated carrier network. Keep in mind that salvage products are often on a ticking clock, and we aim to beat it.

The buyers whom we serve exist within the secondary market. We pass savings on to our customers, who in turn can pass them on to their own customer base.

In order to fully protect the originally intended customer, Lewisco Holdings doesn’t sell to primary market members like supermarkets, quick stops, or restaurants. Our products are available to deep-discount salvage grocery stores, farmers markets, flea market vendors, private dollar stores, schools, prisons, and other alternative customers.

The goods that we handle range from grocery products of all types to non-alcoholic refreshments, HBA items, paper products, and cleaning goods.

If this process of outright liquidation doesn’t appeal to your needs, we offer other options. You can retain possession of the merchandise while we find a suitable buyer and arrange for drop shipment when we do. Alternatively, we can provide a turnkey digital auction solution.

The special treatment from Lewisco Holdings isn’t reserved for our clients, though. We also offer special services for buyers. When one of our trusted and vetted customers asks us to search for specific products, we do so by scouring our buyer network for those goods.

Choose Lewisco Holdings whether you’d like to eliminate excess goods or buy them. Salvage goods can be beneficial within secondary markets, allowing private retailers to help customers and expand their profit margins or to stretch a finite budget past its usual limitations.

Salvage grocery stores and independent organizations looking for where to buy salvage groceries in New York find Lewisco Holdings to offer a wide inventory at rock bottom prices. Click here or call (917) 651-0101 to learn more about how our processes can benefit you.