Where to Buy Salvage Groceries in New Jersey

Making every dollar count is critical for families in today’s economic environment. When private dollar stores and discount salvage grocers in New Jersey search for where to buy salvage groceries, they turn to Lewisco Holdings. We have a nationwide footprint and liquidate without limitations.

Where to Buy Salvage Groceries in New JerseyTrustworthy secondary market operators who are willing to follow liquidation restrictions can enjoy the opportunity to buy from our inventory. For retailers, we make it possible to pass savings on to customers, widen a profit margin, or establish a customer base, and for organizations, we help managers do more with a small budget.

We buy the excess inventory that first line marketers need to offload.

This purchase allows distributors, producers, and retailers to reinvest in more profitable products, relieving themselves of continued accumulation of overhead costs.

In turn, we then resell these products to appropriate avenues where they have an opportunity for a second life, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Lewisco Holdings handles a variety of product categories:

  • Food and grocery items – frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry
  • Alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages – water, juice, sodas, children’s drinks
  • Pet items – cat and dog food and treats
  • HBA items – toiletries, cosmetics, hygiene products
  • Paper goods – bathroom tissue, stationary, paper towels
  • Cleaning merchandise – dusters, brooms, all-purpose cleaner
  • Other household closeouts

Our inventory comes from thousands of different sources. We buy from some of the foremost brands in the world, and we honor these brands with the confidential protection they deserve. On the other end, we sell to hundreds of separate accounts, each of which is vetted and trusted to honor manufacturer restrictions.

Lewisco Holdings deals in a plethora of products, has a significant rolodex of long-standing contacts, and the capacity to deal with all volumes. With a deep well of purchasing power, our own dedicated carrier network, and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses, we buy and target sales quickly and appropriately.

Businesses with overstocks, closeouts, out of season merchandise, outdated goods, discontinued product lines, and sluggish sales should call on Lewisco Holdings for liquidation sooner rather than later. Postponing will only result in more losses. Nothing is gained by continuing to hold on and hope for improved sales.

When liquidation occurs, we work fast. The offer, purchase, and collection of products will be lightning fast. All that we need to make an offer are the photos, ingredient info, location, and preferred price.

If you like our offer, we’ll wire payment right away and arrive to collect our purchase within two days. In addition, we’ll begin to contact potential buyers within our network as soon as merchandise enters our inventory.

We sell goods to non-traditional buyers; we do not send merchandise back to the first lines of distribution. No quick marts, restaurants, or supermarkets grace our buyer list. When we buy goods, we do so with the understanding that the products must never be within an environment where the originally intended customer base could experience the brand in less than pristine conditions.

Our efforts to honor this pledge include selling to buyers who agree to honor restrictions – no advertising, no display, no selling outside of geographic bounds, and no wholesales. When display of the brand proves difficult to prevent, we provide repackaging under our own brand Mabel’s Farms.

Click here or call (917) 651-0101 to contact the professional liquidators at Lewisco Holdings if you need to find the best place where opportunity buyers can turn to buy salvage groceries in New Jersey.