Where to Buy Salvage Groceries in Florida

When your organization or privately owned retail location needs to know where to buy salvage groceries in Florida, the answer is Lewisco Holdings. We routinely offer a varied, large inventory of merchandise to benefit the efforts of our trusted opportunity buyers. If you operate in the alternative customer market, you can also become one of our customers.

Where to Buy Salvage Groceries in FloridaSecondary distribution channels include non-profit organizations, government entities, and private dollar and salvage stores. Examples of typical Lewisco Holdings customers range from schools and prisons to community food pantries, farmers’ markets, and deep-discount salvage grocery stores. We DO NOT sell to the originally intended customers – supermarkets, restaurants, or quick stops.

The discounted, brand-name merchandise we buy and distribute into alternative channels provides organizations like yours an excellent opportunity to maximize a small budget, expand a small profit margin, or even grow a local customer base.

The liquidation that we offer pertains to a wide plethora of products. We buy and distribute food merchandise, alcohol-free beverages, HBA items, cleaning goods, paper products, and other household closeout items. We have a seamless system of best practices and an established capacity for liquidation purchases and sales. As part of our process, we incorporate discretion, ease, and efficiency.

Liquidation-Worthy Conditions

Lewisco Holdings has thirteen different warehouses dedicated to the sorting and targeted redistribution of merchandise throughout the continental United States. The condition of liquidated goods can vary widely. We describe products honestly in our dealings, but examples of what you can expect may include any of the following conditions:

  • Near or past expiration or best-by dates
  • Overstocked or overrun inventory
  • Closeout or marked-down items
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Leftovers from products with newer packaging or recipes
  • Mis-cut or mislabeled items
  • Canceled orders, store returns, or turned down loads
  • Slightly damaged goods
  • Slow-moving items due to any reason

Liquidation Buyers

Greater than 400 separate buyers make up our customer base. They’re distributed throughout the Lower 48, and we provide them with a wealth of high-quality, brand-name liquidation inventory. To obtain the privilege of shopping with Lewisco Holdings, buyers must practice absolute confidentiality – avoiding advertisements, display, wholesaling, and violating geographic boundaries.

Having plenty of customers allows us to deal in a wide range of goods – all volumes, all times of the year, and all locations throughout the continental US.

When we buy and sell goods, we ensure that the products we buy are thoroughly concealed within the secondary market. When branding makes this confidentiality difficult, we even provide repackaging under our private label, Mabel’s Farms.

Contact the team here at Lewisco Holdings if you’re interested in becoming one of our customers.

Liquidation Sellers

Liquidation will become essential to your work if you deal in the grocery sector. As goods become unviable, we offer an effortless way to recoup some of your investment. Reach out to us with photos of the goods and the relevant product info to receive an offer for purchase. If you like what you hear, we’ll wire the money immediately and arrive to collect our purchase that day or the following day.

Ready to do more with less? Lewisco Holdings is where you should come to buy salvage groceries in Florida. Click here or call (917) 651-0101 to explore the world of liquidation and how it can work in your business’s or organization’s favor.