Where to Sell Expired Food Inventory

As a member of the primary food supply chain, you might wonder where to sell the expired food within your inventory. The answer is wholesale food liquidators, such as Lewisco Holdings. We’ll assist with the efficient handling of grocery, pet, and general merchandise products to help you offset your losses. By choosing us, your brand will be protected in the secondary market.

Where to Sell Expired Food InventoryAs a time-tested, proven liquidator of excess inventory, Lewisco Holdings stands apart from other companies in the liquidation industry. We have many years of experience and a large network of buyers and sellers. For your expired, slow-moving, or discontinued merchandise, contact us to deal with it discreetly and expediently.

Become One of Our Clients

Before you assume that any aging or expired merchandise has no value, consider the products Lewisco Holdings purchases. Our expertise lies in transferring frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food; dry and wet pet food and treats; paper products; cleaning supplies; and health and beauty products to the secondary market.

You can join our group of over 3,000 manufacturers and distributors easily. We can quickly redistribute merchandise that is expired, close to expiration, near the “best by” date, slow-moving, over-purchased, discontinued, or otherwise difficult to sell, with discretion.

Become One of Our Buyers

Protecting your sales channels is one our primary concerns. We at Lewisco Holdings require all buyers to honor manufacturer guidelines, and we’ll thoroughly manage merchandise distribution to the secondary market. We vet every buyer to ensure that they won’t advertise, sell products as wholesale merchandise, or circulate products in the primary market in any way.

Our network includes over 400 discrete, independent entities throughout the country, and we use these contacts to deeply bury excess inventory. Some of these organizations include mom-and-pop shops, salvage groceries, food pantries, prisons and jails, and even educational institutions. You will not find your merchandise redistributed to primary supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants because we are not food brokers.

You’ll never find your products directed back into your regular sales channels, nor will your brand be advertised in the secondary market. We have many buyers, and they all follow the rules. Lewisco Holdings also offers repacking and branding under our own label, Mabel’s Farm.

Our large group of screened secondary market purchasers allows for brand protection and inventory movement regardless of the volume, category, or season. Give us a call with the required product information and receive our top dollar offer to purchase your goods outright. This method is the easiest way to get rid of your surplus inventory.

You can also choose to retain your goods and arrange for our sales team to handle the sale and arrange the shipping. We can also put you in contact with professional auctions should you prefer that route.

Lewisco Holdings will evaluate your inventory, make an offer, and pay quickly. If accepted, pickup will be equally fast – the same or next day. Because our warehouse facilities are scattered throughout the continental United States, we can take care of your excess inventory quickly.

Allow the professional liquidators here at Lewisco Holdings to take care of your slow-moving inventory. Call (917) 651-0101 to get the ball rolling, clear your shelves, and regain your buying power.