Unlocking Value in Closeout Food Products

The secret to unlocking value in closeout food products lies in the service provided by Lewisco Holdings. We buy these goods outright from retailers and producers and then sell them to members of our buyer network. In general, customers of Lewisco Holdings include prisons/jails, schools, farmers markets, food pantries, and salvage grocery stores. Whether you wish to sell or buy closeout foods, call on Lewisco Holdings.

Clear Product Descriptions during Liquidation

Unlocking Value in Closeout Food ProductsFor liquidation to be successful, clarity of condition is paramount. We communicate clearly about the precise status of our merchandise. Conditions that you’ll find our inventory experiencing are those that caused them to be worthy of liquidation in the first place. Some situations include being marked down or sold as closeout, discontinued product lines, overstocked or overrun, near or past best-by or expiration dates, older versions of products with upgrades, canceled orders or turned down loads, slightly damaged items, off-season, and other items that are slow to sell.

The dates found on food items are not mandated and rarely indicate safety. Instead, manufacturers give their best guesses regarding peak freshness. We step in to prevent needless waste by liquidating safe, usable products.

Product Categories Liquidated by Lewisco Holdings

  • Refrigerated, frozen, dry, and canned grocery items
  • Alcohol-free drinks
  • Paper goods
  • Pet food and treats of all sorts
  • HBA items
  • Cleaning tools and chemicals
  • Other household closeouts

Our buyers are carefully vetted. They’re welcome to shop from our inventory, or we will scour our sources to locate items for our buyers when they request specific products or brands. We’re usually able to find products within a couple of days.

Liquidation Buyers versus Liquidation Sellers

Liquidation sellers and buyers are never the same. We protect the original customer channels and the brand’s identity and reputation. Some of our thousands of product sources include the leading brands in the world, and we sell to 400+ nontraditional entities in the secondary market.

The products that we conceal within alternative channels must never be used irresponsibly. Our buyers must not advertise, display, wholesale, or venture outside of the manufacturer’s geographic boundaries. We never sell to first-line marketers like convenience stores, restaurants, or supermarkets because there must be no overlap in the Venn Diagram of our customers and the original customers.

Discipline is a must for our customers. When concealment of the brand isn’t possible, we provide Mabel’s Farms, our own private label, for repackaging.

If you need further reasons to choose Lewisco Holdings, consider the speed with which we operate. We have thirteen redistribution warehouses, a dedicated carrier network, and deep purchase power for investment in liquidated goods.

When we buy items, we pay immediately and collect our purchase the same day or the day after. We work quickly, discreetly, and reasonably always. To evaluate the goods and make an offer, we’ll need a bit of information – photos, the brand/label, a precise description, all dates, the quantity, location, and preferred price.

Alternatives to liquidation that we can provide include operating as a sales team on your behalf while you keep the products or hooking you up with a digital auction service.

Ready to start unlocking the value in your closeout food products? Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to book liquidation with Lewisco Holdings or to express interest in becoming one of our customers.