Turn Overstocked Food into Cash: Top Tips

At the top of tips to turn overstocked food into cash, you’ll find liquidation through Lewisco Holdings. Balancing inventory is always a difficult task for grocery stores. An imbalance of slow-moving goods is a fairly common problem, and it can interfere with profitability. We offer three options that will work well, depending on your preferences:

  • Outright purchase for liquidation sales
  • Turnkey connection to digital auction network
  • Proxy sales team to find the ideal buyer and arrange for drop shipment.

The Urgent Need for Overstock Solutions

Turn Overstocked Food into Cash: Top TipsRetailers working in the toy, electronic, apparel, or other non-perishables have time to wait out low-ball prices, but grocery store operators work on a ticking clock. They require fast and fair solutions, and that’s precisely what Lewisco Holdings delivers.

The Importance of Grocery Solutions

Liquidating groceries is essential, especially considering the morality of wasting usable foods in a world of hunger and the obligation to do whatever possible to get the most value for products before they become completely worthless. Additionally, the expense of keeping products that sell slowly can be significantly detrimental to profitability. Furthermore, the perception of the retail environment can be negatively influenced by liquidation-worthy goods remaining within the otherwise pristine space.

As inventory dwindles, dealing with the small portion of quantities left can become tricky. We provide an avenue for dealing with these “closeouts” instead of holding on to them or dumping them on a random clearance rack.

Another issue that’s quite specific to food and beverage merchandise is dating and needless waste accompanying misunderstanding of those dates. The manufacturers identify the best-by, use-by, and sell-by dates. No standard dates exist; the government only mandates dates for baby food and formula. Goods still in conditions that are fine for consumption can go to waste without adequate measures to transfer them from primary markets to secondary ones. Lewisco Holdings excels in this role.

We buy a wide range of goods for confidential redistribution – frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry food items; alcohol-free beverages like bottled water, soda, and energy drinks; cleaning goods; plasticware, toilet paper, paper towels, and other paper goods; OTC medications and vitamins; and HBA items like toiletries and hygiene products.

The condition of items we welcome into our inventory may be returns, part of a turned down order, items that were in an accident or mis-labeled, merchandise leftover from a recent update to packaging or formulations, or slow-moving for another reason. Any situation that makes merchandise ill-suited to the typical grocery store, restaurant, or convenience store makes it worthy of liquidation consideration.

We offer fair prices and speed in all of our transactions, and our history of success has led us to many long-standing relationships with some of the foremost brands in the world.

Sustaining these relationships requires that we operate with integrity and discretion. We sell to non-traditional customers like schools, jails, and salvage grocery stores, and these buyers must refrain from advertisements, displays, violations of geographic boundaries, and wholesaling.

Bypass frustration when trying to turn overstocked food into cash by going straight to the top of all tips: calling Lewisco Holdings. Click here or call (917) 651-0101 for appropriate liquidation services, whether you’re a seller or a buyer of such inventory.