Surplus Grocery Inventory Buyers

If the time has come for a good warehouse cleanup, reducing your inventory through Lewisco Holdings is a great way to eliminate surplus grocery products. Our buyers use appropriate discretion for a maximized return without endangering your hard-earned brand identity.

Cut the Strings with Products Dragging Down Your Profits

Surplus Grocery Inventory BuyersSurplus goods are a drag on profits. Whether they’re nearing their “best by” dates or just turning out to be rather unpopular, excess inventory, when liquidated, can generate cash to reinvest into more profitable merchandise. Clear your shelves and get rid of those lingering products. They make all the nearby goods seem stale as well.

Liquidation with Brand Protection

Liquidation of inventory into non-traditional customer channels is essential for retailers and manufacturers who want to protect the reputation of their brands and their existing customer channels. In an effort to make sure goods aren’t wasted unnecessarily, we strive to find the perfect buyer for your goods.

Stretch a Finite Budget

This process doesn’t only affect your bottom line. Liquidation also helps small independent grocers, charitable institutions, and various other secondary marketers. Families and organizations who struggle to make small budgets go further will appreciate the savings that we can make possible.

Consider Package Dates

Knowing when the time is right to pull the trigger on liquidation requires keeping a careful watch on product dating. Liquidate sooner rather than later in order to reap the most back on your investment, but don’t assume that when a date passes, the product becomes unsaleable. We welcome expired products since food dates are often misunderstood by the general public.

The Elements for Effective Liquidation

Effective liquidation requires a cadre of select buyers, a large purchasing ability, and a wide footprint of storage and transportation. Lewisco Holdings offers all these things along with a guiding sense of professionalism and commitment to success.

Categories of Goods Lewisco Holdings Liquidates

Lewisco Holdings can liquidate all sorts of merchandise categories. In addition to all sorts of groceries, we buy alcohol-free drinks, pet items, and general merchandise.

Discretion for Secondary Market Goods

Products sold to secondary market purchasers must never be displayed in such a way that draws negative attention to the brand or the manufacturer. We sell only outside of primary channels, meaning that no restaurants, groceries, or convenience stores receive our goods. Instead, we send products to prisons, schools, salvage grocers, etc.

These vetted buyers must commit to discretion, meaning that they don’t advertise, display brands, or sell outside of the geographic boundaries indicated by the manufacturer. Complete brand protection, when called for, comes through repackaging under Mabel’s Farms, Lewisco Holdings’ own label.

Our streamlined approach to liquidation meets the needs of companies throughout the country. Regardless of quantity or location, Lewisco Holdings provides immediate payment, fast pickup, and discreet disposal.

Liquidation isn’t the only service we offer. We can also handle sales of your slow-moving merchandise. You’ll retain possession, and we’ll arrange for delivery once we’ve found the ideal buyer. Our contacts include auctions as well when you’re seeking top dollar solutions.

Lingering, stale merchandise reduces profit potential, ties up cash flow, and takes up space. Getting rid of this surplus grocery inventory requires screened, trustworthy buyers. Lewisco Holdings will purchase your inventory and discreetly transfer it into appropriate secondary sales channels. Discuss all of your options by calling us at (917) 651-0101.