Strategies for Selling Near-Expiry Food

Do you need strategies for selling near-expiry food? Lewisco Holdings will be happy to deliver efficient, cost-effective liquidation as part of a practical plan for dealing with overstock and other problematic inventory.

Strategies for Selling Near-Expiry FoodWhen products collect dust and inch closer to expiration, companies wonder how to handle the situation. Many potential solutions exist, but we at Lewisco Holdings offer the most return on investment and brand protection.

Product dates can be pretty confusing, especially since they aren’t mandated by any regulating office except for baby formula. Manufacturers tend to guess when their products will be at peak freshness. Whether you’re facing sell-by, best-by, or use-by dates, the customer within the first lines of distribution does not expect to see these dates passed on retail shelves. These dates indicate that it’s time to send these still usable goods into their next periods of usefulness.

Consuming expired grocery items is acceptable in most instances. We waste too much food in America, and with some common sense, liquidated foods can be used well in appropriate circumstances. We sell goods to alternative customers who handle these goods discreetly in exchange for the opportunity to save money on quality goods.

Lewisco Holdings doesn’t suggest selling or consuming spoiled foods. Writing off food items because of arbitrary dates may be a business necessity, but those foods should be put to good use rather than discarded.

Efficiency is a key feature of Lewisco Holdings liquidation. We pick up goods after we purchase them, usually the same day or the one that follows at the latest. By acting quickly to collect goods and paying right away when we buy them, we provide our inventory sources with restored purchase power and space for storage and display.

We lead the liquidation sector here at Lewisco Holdings. Many years of experience have allowed us to develop strong best practices and a network of hundreds of customers and thousands of first-line sellers. Our vetted customers buy from among our inventory and commit to concealing their purchases for maximum brand protection. Instead of supermarkets, restaurants, and convenience stores, we sell to the secondary market network that includes farmers’ markets, salvage discount stores, small privately owned retailers, food pantries, schools, prisons/jails, and other non-traditional customers.

The goods we buy and sell extend to include various groceries, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, health and beauty aids, cleaning products, and paper goods. Beyond date issues, we also deal in canceled orders, turned-down loads, older versions of products with newer versions, closeouts, discontinued product lines, seasonal goods, and other difficult-to-sell products.

As part of our process, we require commitments from our buyers. They follow these restrictions:

  • NO wholesaling of the products
  • NO display
  • NO advertisement
  • NO sales outside of geographic limitations.

We also provide Mabel’s Farms for repackaging when needed.

If you’re interested in exploring more of Lewisco Holdings’s strategies for selling near-expiry food, click here or call (917) 210-9395 to speak with our liquidation professionals. Our solutions extend beyond liquidation to service as a proxy salesforce and contact with the auction arena.