Selling Closeout Candy

As holidays come and go, selling closeout candy can become a concern for wholesalers and retailers. Lewisco Holdings operates in such a way that we take all of the leftover goods off your hands and then distribute them into appropriate ones. The capacity that we have to perform liquidation measures spans the entire continental United States and has no limit regarding volume of goods.

America’s Candy and Grocery Liquidator

Selling Closeout CandyLewisco Holdings provides liquidation for the Lower 48 United States, buying and selling candy, grocery, alcohol-free beverage, and general household goods. The buying team here will quickly evaluate the goods in question and buy them outright.

Before we even pick them up, we’ll begin making arrangements to sell them to secondary market customers. From overstocks to near-dated, promotional, and turned down goods, Lewisco Holdings liquidates all slow-moving merchandise.

Our process allows our clients to make room in storage and display spaces as well as their purchasing modalities. Without unwanted candy products weighing down your business, you’ll be able to restock fresh merchandise for improved sales. Liquidation measures provided by Lewisco Holdings are fully confidential and convenient. Your brand and customer channel will never be at risk to damage from liquidation when we provide it.

Liquidating Excess Candy Inventory

When primary marketers choose Lewisco Holdings for liquidation, they can rely on speed, discretion, and fair play as we move the goods into alternative customer markets.

The discretion that we incorporate into every single liquidation transaction is sure. In addition to screening all of our buyers, we require that they follow all manufacturer restrictions; you will retain control of how goods move through product distribution throughout liquidation.

Buying Liquidated Candy Inventory

The manufacturer restrictions that follow goods through the process relate to advertising, geographic limitations, display, and wholesale versus retail sales.

We sell the goods that we buy to carefully vetted specialty stores, privately owned dollar stores, small retail shops, community food pantries, schools, correctional facilities, discount salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other secondary market players. Lewisco Holdings offers a varied inventory, fast-paced inventory changes, and significant savings to our buyers.

Categories Up for Liquidation

  • Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and shelf-stable dry foods
  • Alcohol-free, shelf-stable beverages
  • Wet and dry pet food and treats
  • Health and beauty items
  • Bulk spices, baking goods, candy, etc.
  • Paper products
  • Cleaning chemicals and tools

Remarkable Value of Liquidation Services

Liquidation is an essential part of product distribution. Every product decision can’t be a winner. When choosing a liquidation provider, customer service is of the utmost importance. We pledge to meet the needs of our product sources and buyers, and our history and in-place logistics offer evidence of our abilities. Beyond liquidation, we offer proxy sales services, turnkey auction connections, and targeted buying.

Selling and buying of closeout candy through Lewisco Holdings is available with a simple call to (917) 210 9395 or by clicking here to contact us online.