Sell Your Surplus Pet Food Supplies

Liquidation involves the purchase of problematic products and redistribution of them into alternative customer channels. Sell your surplus pet food and supplies to Lewisco Holdings. We have the systems in place to clear your display and storage spaces of unwanted goods and get your cash flow moving again. In the process, we offer small stores and small budgets with the opportunity to buy high-quality goods for extremely low prices.

Sell Your Surplus Pet Food SuppliesLewisco Holdings is privately owned and operated. We serve the entire continental United States with dedicated and trustworthy liquidation services. Over 3,000 clients entrust us with their merchandise, and we’ll redistribute those products into alternative customer channels. We’re trusted because we take the protection of branding seriously.

Essential to liquidation, our buyers are vetted in order to prove that they are committed to the protection of the originating brand and the original customer channels. The demands of confidential liquidation limit our buying group to 400 separate entities. If you have a small retail business or operate an organization with a minimal budget, reach out to Lewisco Holdings to become one of our buyers.

Examples of the typical Lewisco Holdings buyer include:

  • Independently owned small retailers
  • Dollar stores
  • Food pantries
  • Jails and prisons
  • Exporters
  • Salvage grocers
  • Flea markets
  • Farmers markets
  • Schools
  • Animal rescues/shelters

The Lewisco Holdings’ catalog varies widely. We purchase and redistribute many categories of products ranging from food and grocery items, non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, bulk products, household products, and more. We’re always happy to respond to inquiries regarding the suitability of merchandise for our inventory.

To determine if liquidation is the way to go for your inventory, consider whether the rate of sales justifies the expenses related to overhead and the inability to pursue new products. We’re accustomed to buying closeout and marked down goods, overstocked products, discontinued product lines, goods near dates of expiration, outdated versions of products with updated packaging or formulations, left over holiday or promotional products, and other slow-moving merchandise.

The Professionalism of Lewisco Holdings Liquidation Measures

Liquidation services allow you to manage inventory appropriately, and Lewisco Holdings should be the provider of your liquidation. We’re consummate professionals. We act fast, providing offers, decisions, and payments often on the same day.

Leaving liquidation on the back burner means that sales become stagnant. Lewisco Holdings acts quickly to ensure that you can recoup the funds you’ve invested, to an extent, and return to profitable inventory and available cash reserves.

When we operate, we handle the work. Your staff can remain on task while we handle the liquidation. Should you prefer an alternative to liquidation, we offer two options. One, you can retain possession of the goods while we act as a sales team and delivery service, and two, we can provide a turnkey auction service. To weigh the differences, give us a call, and our staff will walk you through all of the possibilities.

Come to Lewisco Holdings for the following benefits:

  • Coast to coast purchase and redistribution of liquidated goods
  • Discreet brand/label protection
  • Outright purchase and fast decisions, offers, purchase, and transport
  • Easy, streamlined process
  • Expect liquidation, not broking or trading.

When you’re struggling to sell your surplus pet food and supplies inventory, stop struggling; pick up the phone; and call Lewisco Holdings at (917) 210-9395.