Sell Your Surplus Canned Food Inventory

The best solution for surplus canned food inventory is to sell it to liquidators like Lewisco Holdings. Replace slow-moving or overpurchased products with greater variety of products to improve profitability and sales flow.

Sell Your Surplus Canned Food InventoryLewisco Holdings acts quickly to clear shelves and storage of excess inventory, replenish cash reserves, and leave primary marketers ready for an influx of new inventory.

We have had great success as an independent liquidator for first-line marketers and as a redistributor for secondary market members. Our many years of experience has helped us establish significant contacts for buyers and sellers, a dedicated carrier network, and multiple warehouses spread throughout the nation.

While we specialize in a variety of food and grocery products in addition to non-alcoholic beverages, pet items, and general merchandise, one of our most popular inventory items remains canned goods. The shelf-life of these products is incredible, making them viable products for all sorts of retailers and independent organizations.

Our Long-Term Client Relationships with Buyers and Sellers of Liquidation Products

Lewisco Holdings makes purchases from 3,000 different primary market accounts. We offer one-time purchasing as well as recurring pickups for consistently fresh inventory. Our purchases are available for items near expiration or best by dates, those with underperforming sales, discontinued lines, closeout status, older versions of recent packaging or formulation updates, and more.

We vet our buyers closely and then target goods specifically to them when we bring appropriate items into our inventory. The buyers we cater to include mom-and-pop retail spaces, salvage grocers, schools, correctional institutions, farmers markets, flea markets, exporters, food pantries, and other secondary market members.

Having a great number of buyers in all sorts of sectors, we can buy and redistribute goods despite the season or quantity of items.

The Importance of Discretion for Brand Protection

All too often surplus goods are wasted rather than liquidated in a way that allows them to be used. This waste occurs because primary marketers are concerned about their reputations. Our methods ensure that discretion protects the brand, beginning by being extremely selective regarding our buyers.

Manufacturer restrictions govern how those we sell to proceed. This governance affects geographic boundaries, advertising, display, and more. Our efforts ensure that your brand is viewed in the best light. We even provide repackaging with the label Mabel’s Farms to protect the label completely.

Liquidate Easily

When ready to begin liquidation, reach out to the staff here at Lewisco Holdings. We’ll need photos, the brand/label, a list of ingredients, the nutrition info, all dates on the interior and exterior of the package, the package size, the quantity of goods in question by the unit, case, pallet, and load, the location, and your desired price.

With the stated information, our team will be able to estimate the value of the merchandise and send an offer, usually the same day. If you agree, we will pay immediately and arrange pickup for the same day or the next.

Our team is always on the lookout for fresh inventory! You won’t find a fairer price, faster service, or greater commitment to discretion.

When you’re ready to sell your surplus canned food inventory, call on Lewisco Holdings. Concealed deeply within the secondary market, your goods can find new life without being wasted. For more info, call (917) 210-9395 today.