Sell Your Near Expiration Grocery Inventory

Call on Lewisco Holdings to sell your near expiration grocery inventory!

Any products that are disappointing in sales or otherwise appropriate for liquidation should be sent through Lewisco Holdings. Our efforts will allow you to make space and cash available for further investment. 

Sell Your Near Expiration Grocery InventoryStagnant grocery inventory can be extremely problematic. When products don’t sell, they earn no money, take up valuable space, and raise the overhead expenses. As time goes on, the surrounding merchandise will be negatively affected by the goods that need to be liquidated.

A leading independently owned liquidator, Lewisco Holdings buys and redistributes food, beverage, and other closeout products. Regardless of the volume of goods, the location, or the time of year, we can transfer products out of the primary lines of distribution into alternative channels.

Lewisco Holdings Products

Lewisco Holdings buys and sells a wide array of product categories. Frozen, refrigerated, canned, and dry foods; non-alcoholic beverages like water, soda, and sports drinks; pet food and treats, both wet and dry; and general merchandise like paper goods, cleaning products, and HBA items.

The conditions that will make these goods appropriate for liquidation include being near or past expiration or best by dates, overstocked or overrun, closeouts or marked down, discontinued, older varieties of products with packaging or formula changes, or otherwise slow-moving merchandise.

Lewisco Holdings serves a customer network of a few hundred separate buyers throughout the continental US. We’re able to meet the needs of our customers including small retailers, deep-discount salvage grocery stores, correctional facilities, schools, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other nontraditional outlets. 

Each of these customers is screened well, and we keep a restricted channel of customers to protect the brand’s identity and reputation as well as the original customer base. Our efforts will not interfere with our clients’ reputation or customers.

In order to protect our clients, we require a few elements from our customers:

  • They must be completely separate from the original customers;
  • They must adhere to all manufacturer guidelines against display, advertising, wholesaling, or selling outside of geographic bounds;
  • They must take advantage of Mabel’s Farm, our private label, when discretion is difficult.

The Logistics of Liquidation

Liquidation begins when companies reach out to Lewisco Holdings for a quote. Supply us with photos, the brand/label, dates on the packaging, ingredient list, nutrition facts, weight, quantity broken down by unit/case/pallet/load, location, preferred price, and any other relevant info. Using this information, we’ll provide an offer – usually the same day.

Once we have an agreed upon price, we will wire payment right away and arrive to collect the products quickly. Pickup will be that very day or the one that follows. Redistribution will begin immediately through our thirteen national warehouses and dedicated carrier network.

Lewisco Holdings is able to provide additional services as well. We’ll find a buyer for your goods while you maintain ownership and arrange for drop shipment when we find one. Alternatively, we can provide you with a turnkey digital auction solution if you’d rather go that route.

Through the dependable liquidation services that we supply, Lewisco Holdings will permit you to sell your near expiration grocery inventory quickly, conveniently, confidentially – all for a fair price. Reach out to learn more by clicking here or calling (917) 210-9395