Sell Surplus Inventory

Do you have surplus inventory that you need to sell to a trusted buyer? Look no further, Lewisco Holdings is the leading liquidator in the country with proven best practices that are both fair and confidential.

Sell Surplus InventoryLewisco Holdings provides primary marketers with an avenue to dispose of problematic inventory without taking a total loss or putting the brand at risk of negative reputation impacts. Alternative market members then purchase the goods found within our inventory to maximize small budgets or limited profit margins.

Primary Market Clients of Lewisco Holdings

The process of liquidation through Lewisco Holdings begins with our source of inventory, primary market members like retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. The group of sellers we work with is thousands strong, stretching from one coast to the other. Our clients range in category and size, but whether they have a recurring schedule or choose one pickup at a time, they rely on us to perform with professionalism, fairness, speed, and discretion.

Secondary Market Customers of Lewisco Holdings

Buyers of liquidation goods come to us from a completely separate direction than our buyers. We never sell to the customers of our inventory sources, so we restrict sales to alternative markets. Examples of such buyers include private dollar stores, community food banks, schools, prisons, flea market vendors, and other secondary channels.

Inventory Categories Purchased and Sold by Lewisco Holdings

  • Food and Grocery Products
    • Dry goods (pasta, rice, cereals, flour, cornmeal)
    • Canned foods (fish, vegetables, pastas, fruits)
    • Frozen foods (ice cream, entrees, appetizers, convenience foods)
    • Refrigerated foods (lunch meats, cheeses, yogurts)
  • Non-alcoholic refreshments
    • Bottled water (flavored, spring, vitamin)
    • Soda (name brands and private labels)
    • Sports drinks
    • Kids drinks
    • Fruit-flavored beverages
    • 100% fruit juices
    • Ready-to-drink teas
    • Prepared coffees
  • Pet food and treats
    • Kibble
    • Canned
    • Biscuit
    • Jerky
    • Flakes
    • Pellets
  • General Merchandise
    • Health and Beauty aids (soap, shampoo, deodorant)
    • Paper goods (toilet paper, napkins, stationary)
    • Cleaning products (implements and chemicals)
  • Additional Slow-Moving Merchandise

The Liquidation Process of Lewisco Holdings

The timing of the liquidation process must be precise and fast. Consider the fact that these goods have already lingered a bit longer than average. The merchandise belongs in more appropriate circumstances, not the garbage dump.

Liquidation goods are often closeouts, marked downs, overstocked, disappointing in sales, discontinued, near or past expiration, outdated, turned down, or otherwise slow to sell.

After buying liquidation-appropriate products, we transport them via a dedicated carrier fleet to our warehouses and immediately begin contacting buyers whom we believe will be interested in the merchandise. Buying our goods allows organizations with small budgets to do more and private retailers to maximize markup and extend savings on to customers.

Features of a Well-Suited Liquidation Company like Lewisco Holdings

Quality liquidators need to understand the importance of discretion, speed, and fairness. We help our clients keep inventory fresh without losing their shirts. In the process, we prohibit our buyers from selling wholesale, engaging in advertising or the display of brands, or selling outside of the prescribed geographic boundaries. When concealing the brand is too difficult, we even provide a private label, Mabel’s Farms, for assured discretion.

Leave the dumpster for true trash, help the little guy succeed, and recoup would-be losses by calling Lewisco Holdings to sell surplus inventory: (917) 210-9395. Reach out today with product information for a quick offer, payment, and transfer of product into a new useful life.