Sell Near Expiry Food & Beverages

Products that are difficult to sell and all too near expiry find a second home with liquidators of food & beverages like Lewisco Holdings. We at Lewisco Holdings have led the liquidation market for years. Thousands of first-line marketers rely on us to transport products from primary markets into secondary ones.

How We Provide Inventory Liquidation

Sell Near Expiry Food & BeveragesLewisco Holdings specializes in the liquidation of food, grocery, beverage, and some general merchandise products. We encourage folks who’re unsure of the status of their inventory to reach out to see how we can provide help.

Any quantity, small or large, of goods can be liquidated through our processes. Lewisco Holdings uses a dedicated carrier fleet and several warehouses throughout the country. We have our process down to a science – able to offer speedy, fair, and discreet service.

As a liquidating company, Lewisco Holdings recognizes the importance of both our buyers and sellers. Without either, what we do would be impossible. That’s why we work diligently to keep a large inventory so that we can keep our buyers supplied with the type of merchandise they need.

Those from whom we buy benefit from liquidation as well. The space and purchase power to restock inventory are the primary motivators for liquidating goods. Preserving as much of the investment as possible is always the ultimate goal.

The Benefits of Choosing Lewisco Holdings

When you have Lewisco Holdings as your liquidator, the benefits are quite impressive. We’re the best when it comes to liquidation expertise.

Throughout the process, our clients experience a timely offer, payment, and transfer, largely due to the perfection of our processes. Logistically, we know what works well and what doesn’t, and we use a dedicated carrier fleet and nationwide warehouses to get it done.

Discretion is key to liquidation. We get the importance of protecting the original brand’s reputation, and we take steps toward that protection by requiring adherence to manufacturer restrictions by our buyers. We even offer our private label for repackaging services to promote discretion.

Being liquidators, we do not broker or trade. We purchase goods outright for resale into appropriate channels.

Through liquidation, sellers receive an increase in purchase power, clear shelves, and decreased overhead.

We offer same day and next day pickup throughout the Lower 48 and a buyer group that is large and separate from first line customer channels.

Our customer support crew is experienced and fully committed to satisfaction all around.

For clients who need to maximize the return on their investment, we offer to serve as a sales team. The product remains with the client as their own, and we will sell, pickup, and arrange transport.

Making Purchases from within Our Inventory

Liquidated goods make up our inventory, and we transfer them into secondary markets by targeting goods to buyers among our trusted network. Lewisco Holdings entrusts over 400 separate entities to buy from us – none of which are supermarkets, convenience stores, or restaurants. All of them are discreet in their sale of liquidated goods.

Before having the dumpsters dragged over to dispose of food & beverages near expiry, sell them to Lewisco Holdings. Our process of liquidation protects the brand’s reputation while providing timely and effortless service to all. To explore all of your options regarding the services Lewisco Holdings provides, call (917) 651-0101!