Sell Expired Food inventory

Lewisco Holdings makes it possible for first-line distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to sell expired food inventory and restore profitability by freeing up purchasing power and storage spaces. We’re a leader in the liquidation market, purchasing goods outright and then redistributing them into secondary market channels. As we assist primary market participants with relief from unsaleable goods, we assist the secondary market with brand name, quality goods that are significantly discounted.

Sell Expired Food inventoryTo provide the fair pricing and fast service that we at Lewisco Holdings offer to both our clients and customers, we have a large network of contacts, warehouses spread from coast to coast, and a dedicated fleet of carriers to handle transport of merchandise. We have plenty of buying power and are able to handle any quantity or type of good for liquidation.

Lewisco Holdings makes purchases from over 3,000 members of the first lines of distribution. Our position within the chain of sale is critical to limiting waste and recouping investment, and we strive to make both our clients and customers happy with our rates and service. By selling to us, customers entrust us with their brand reputation, which is often so important that the company’s continued success hinges on this factor. We discreetly place goods in secondary market channels where the brand won’t be displayed in less than ideal condition.

The entities we allow to buy from us are screened through a thorough process of vetting. We target products to specific buyers within our 400 strong buyer network, making sure that none of our buyers also make purchases from our clients. Our efforts to protect the brand of our clients extends to the repackaging of products under our own brand, Mabel’s Farms, when needed.

The typical buyer from Lewisco Holdings is one of the following:

  • Privately-owned retail store
  • Community food bank
  • Prison or jail
  • School
  • Deeply discounted salvage stores
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Charitable organizations

Our extensive group of buyers enables us to work with vast quantities regardless of season, and prospective clients looking for liquidation services can be sure that we’ll provide brand protection and confidentiality.

By purchasing goods quickly and turning them around immediately for redistribution, we make the most of unwanted goods. We provide quick payment and pickup through our dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen nationwide warehouses. While dates are relative, they do indicate a need to make resale timely.

Our buyers are generally trying to make the most of limited budgets or pass on maximum savings to customers. We offer the quality branded food, beverage, and general merchandise products you need. If, as a buyer of liquidated goods, you require specific products, give us a call. Our team will scour our sources to locate the products in question. We can also serve as a sales team of sorts or put clients in touch with the auction community.

When you’re ready to pull the trigger on aging, expired, or overpurchased goods, call the staff here at Lewisco Holdings. We’ll need the relevant details about your load to provide an offer, and when we come to terms, we can provide immediate payment and same or next day pick up.

Liquidation services from Lewisco Holdings allow you to sell expired food inventory. The goods we purchase are distributed into the right secondary market locations. When you’re ready to begin liquidation or take advantage of great discounts, call (917) 210-9395.