Sell Excess Food / Grocery Inventory

No professional buyer gets it right 100% of the time. This simple fact means that wholesalers, distributors, and retailers will need alternative avenues to dispose of merchandise from time to time. Whether you need to sell excess inventory of  food, grocery, beverage, or other general merchandise, look to a professional liquidation company, like Lewisco Holdings, to resolve your inventory problems.

Why Liquidate?

Sell Excess Inventory ClothingProduct liquidators are an integral part of the distribution chain within the marketplace. We connect the primary and secondary marketplaces in such a way that neither need to meet. This method serves to prevent any overlap. As goods become inappropriate for the primary market, we purchase them and bury them well within the secondary market.

Why Liquidate with Lewisco Holdings?

Our process is seamless. We make it easy for those companies from whom we buy as well as those who buy from us. We’re a premiere liquidator with nationwide reach. Regardless of quantity, we can purchase your excess inventory and provide fair and fast payment and pick up. For buyers, we offer quick deliver and bottom dollar pricing.

A few situations considered as standard for surplus goods include cancelled orders, short-coded products, products nearing best by or expiration dates, overstocks, older versions of updated products, closeout lines, discontinued products, slow-moving inventory, and seasonal lines – just to name a few. Products can come to us for a variety of reasons, and we redistribute a range of goods including food, beverage, dog pet and treats, cleaning products, paper merchandise, and HBA goods.

Our buyer list is substantial and widespread. This collective of recipients for our products allows us to purchase a large and varying menu of products. Buyers within the secondary market include deeply discounted salvage grocers, independent, small stores, correctional facilities, educational institutions, and local food pantries. Whether you need to extend your budget as far as it will go or maximize profits, Lewisco Holdings can help.

How to Begin the Liquidation Process?

Information that we’ll need to provide an estimate includes the label or brand, ingredients, nutritional info, photographs, dates, package size, product amounts, location, and preferred price.

After you provide this information, the liquidation professionals here at Lewisco Holdings will calculate the estimated value of your goods and make an offer. When we come to an agreement, you’ll be paid immediately, and we can pick up the property on the same day or the next.

Why Does Brand Protection Matter?

Liquidating your goods can be detrimental to your brand’s reputation, so we make sure that your products are never displayed in less than ideal condition. We take the protection of your reputation as seriously as you do.

Within our buyer list, every customer must follow rules about advertising, location, and any other manufacturer restriction. Mabel’s Farms, our own private label, is available, and we offer repackaging services to make doubly sure that the reputation and brand of our clients are never at risk.

If you have aging or excess inventory of food, grocery, beverage, or other general merchandise, reach out to professional liquidators, like Lewisco Holdings. Give us a call at (917) 651-0101. Our knowledge, skill, and logistical capacity can make stagnant sales dynamic and dead products alive. No matter the location, quantity of products, or type of good, check with us before you head to the dumpster.