Sell Closeout Food Items

Has the time come when you’ve run out of avenues to sell closeout food items? Call Lewisco Holdings to arrange for liquidation that will convert those items into cash for you and opportunity purchases for niche buyers.

Sell Closeout Food ItemsWith a nationwide footprint and a long history of successful liquidation for thousands of clients, Lewisco Holdings is a proven player in the liquidation arena. We buy and redistribute goods discreetly and quickly and have a hard-earned reputation among our clients and customers for dealing with integrity and stellar customer service.

Lewisco Holdings purchases slow-selling inventory, close-dated grocery items, lines with packaging or recipe updates, overruns, discontinued product lines, and more, making us the best solution when excess merchandise is limiting your storage, display, and investment potential.

Lewisco Holdings buys goods free and clear for redistribution within our buyer group. We are not brokers or traders.

As liquidation specialists, we serve many major producers and have a strong, screened customer base that operates outside of the traditional customer lane.

The team at Lewisco Holdings is empowered and knowledgeable. Your offer will come quickly because the professional liquidators here can evaluate merchandise independently, fairly, and quickly.

Begin liquidation by telling us about the goods up for liquidation purchase. We’ll need photos and relevant information like brand/label, size, ingredients, nutrition facts, quantity per unit/case/pallet/load, all dates on the packaging, location, and desired price. We’ll get back to you quickly, often the same day, with an offer to purchase the entire load.

If you accept the offer, we’ll wire payment immediately and arrive to collect the merchandise the same day or the one that follows. We have our own dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen redistribution warehouses to make quick work of liquidation. As soon as inventory becomes ours, we begin to offer it up for targeted sale within our buyer group.

The buyer group that we serve benefits from the chance to purchase quality, brand-name goods at extremely low prices. We don’t sell to primary marketers like restaurants, convenience stores, or supermarkets. The independent, small retailers, schools, dollar stores, correctional institutions, community food banks, farmers markets, animal shelters, exporters, salvage grocery stores, flea market vendors, and other nontraditional buyers we cater to must submit to verification and screening processes.

The products we offer allow retailers to grow a customer base, expand a small profit margin, and pay savings forward to customers, and they provide institutions with a small budget to do as much as possible with limited funds.

As a Lewisco Holdings buyer, you can relate to us the type of products of interest, and we’ll reach out when we buy these goods for liquidation. If you have specific needs, we can also source requests within a few days in most instances.

Liquidation often requires adhering to manufacturer restrictions. These rules follow the products throughout their use, and they may restrict wholesales, display, advertisements, and sales outside of a prescribed geographic region. When these restrictions apply to products, we will let you know, and you must follow them as a Lewisco Holdings liquidation customer.

Through Lewisco Holdings, you can sell or buy closeout food items. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to learn more about our processes. We offer both primary and secondary lines of distribution with the benefits of fast, fair, and effortless liquidation.