Sell Closeout Cat Food

Lewisco Holdings is waiting in the wings for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors who can’t seem to sell closeout cat food. We will buy goods outright and then redistribute them throughout the nation to opportunity buyers. Our sellers benefit from available room and cash to spend on new product, and our buyers reap the savings of liquidated products.

Sell Closeout Cat FoodA quality, independently owned liquidator, Lewisco Holdings will send goods into alternative channels. We have years of operational experience, which we’ve used to perfect our processes and grow our leads.

Our efforts focus on shelf-stable dry goods; canned food, fruit, vegetables, and meat; frozen foods; refrigerated groceries; alcohol-free beverages; general merchandise; and more. For those interested in stocking pet items, we offer dog and cat food and treats of all kinds.

Those Who Sell to Us

Lewisco Holdings buys goods from 3,000+ primary marketers throughout the country. We’re happy to handle products they can’t otherwise sell. If you have product in any of the following conditions, give us a call:

  • Close-dated merchandise
  • Products nearing the “best by” or expiration dates
  • Products that fail to perform up to expectations
  • Discontinued product lines
  • Closeout or clearance items
  • Overstocked merchandise
  • Overrun inventory
  • Older versions of products with newer, modified packaging or recipes
  • Mis-labeled or off-spec products
  • Cancelled or turndown orders
  • Seasonal or holiday goods
  • Any slow-moving inventory

Those Who Buy from Us

When we buy goods, we don’t just hold on to them. We sell them to secondary marketers! Opportunity buyers who want to stretch limited funds or maximize profits find plenty of opportunity for savings by buying from us. We typically sell to charitable organizations, small retailers, dollar stores, deep-discount salvage stores, schools, farmers’ markets, community food pantries, prisons, animal shelters or rescues, and more. Our significant buyer group makes it possible for us to buy any volume of product no matter what time of year or season it might be.

Brand Protection

Key to Lewisco Holdings’ process is discreet management of liquidated goods. We have a team of liquidation experts who know how to target products to the right buyers, and all of our buyers are screened and trusted to follow the restrictions regarding advertising, geography, and display.

We don’t sell to restaurants, grocery stores, or convenience stores because our customers can never be the same as our clients’ customers.

The Lewisco Holdings’ Process

To begin the process of liquidation, you’ll need to deliver specific information to our customer service team. We’ll need photographs, the brand/label, ingredient list, nutrition facts, all dates on the interior and exterior, package size, quantity of goods, location, and preferred price. With this info, we’ll provide you with an offer to buy the merchandise. If you accept, we will pay immediately and pickup that day or the next. We have a dedicated carrier fleet and thirteen nationwide third-party warehouses.

Our entire purpose is to buy products and redistribute them quickly and confidentially. Don’t be surprised when we handle your liquidation needs all within one day. Furthermore, we can arrange for a recurring service, act as a sales team on your behalf, or provide a turn-key service directing products into the auction market.

When we sell closeout cat food at Lewisco Holdings, our buyers benefit from name-brand, high-quality products at the absolute lowest possible price. Whether you would like to buy or sell problematic goods, reach out by dialing (917) 210-9395 to learn more about our process, submit to buyer vetting, or arrange to liquidate goods.