Salvage Grocery Pallets

Lewisco Holdings buys overstock food and beverage inventory from manufacturers and distributors and sells pallets of salvage grocery products to discount stores and opportunity buyers. We have a reputation for fairness and honesty and for exceptional customer service.

Salvage Grocery Pallets

Lewisco Holdings is a trusted, privately owned food and beverage liquidator and distributor to the secondary market with years of experience that set us apart from our competitors. Whether you have a single truckload or warehouses full of products you want to sell, or are seeking to buy food and beverage products at amazing prices, we urge you to contact us.

Our Valued Sellers

Lewisco specializes in canned, frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable dry food and beverage products, as well as branded and private label wet and dry pet foods and pet treats.

Join our network of more than 3,000 manufacturers and distributors across the nation who regularly take advantage of the reliable sales options we offer to sell their undesirable inventory, including:

  • Close-dated or short-coded products
  • Imminent “best by” dates
  • Product overruns
  • Closeouts
  • Overstocks
  • Discontinued products
  • Changes in packaging design
  • Changes in product recipe (ingredients)
  • Off spec or mis-cut products
  • Cancelled orders
  • Seasonal products
  • Other slow-moving and underperforming products

Because we understand the importance of protecting your brand and your reputation, we use discretion and guarantee that your surplus products go into only the most trusted secondary channels.

We honor all manufacturer restrictions, including geographic restrictions, and maintain complete control over product distribution in the secondary market so that our buyers do not advertise your brands, wholesale your products, or sell to your current customers.

Simply provide us with the information about your products, including label/brand, ingredients, nutritional information, photos, dating information from the label and inner packaging, package size, number of cases per pallet, number of pallets per load, the location of the product(s), and the price you are looking for.

Our Valued Buyers

Lewisco Holdings works closely with hundreds of vetted independent buyers across the U.S. that are the perfect fit for your surplus food and beverage products. Our network includes:

  • Small, independently owned mom-and-pop retail stores
  • Deep discount salvage stores
  • Schools & universities
  • Farmers markets
  • Food banks
  • Prisons & correctional facilities
  • Exporters

The size of our buyer base enables you to move inventory when you need to, regardless of the product category, time of year, or volume, and allows opportunity buyers to acquire high-quality, name-brand food and beverage products and general merchandise at greatly reduced prices.

Instead of dealing with untrustworthy middlemen and fly-by-night distributors to liquidate your excess inventory or purchase salvage food at deeply discounted prices, we can help you find the ideal solution.

Get in touch with Lewisco Holdings today at (917) 210-9395 to discuss salvage grocery pallets and get a quick, no-hassle assessment of your surplus products.