Salvage Grocery Near Me

Lewisco Holdings buys and sells closeouts, overstocks, and other salvage grocery merchandise near you, offering the best prices and quick distribution.

Lewisco Holdings has become a leading player in the food and beverage liquidation market, cultivating long-term relationships that benefit both our sources and our buyers. We are financially and logistically able to buy a large quantity of goods that are obsolete or close to expiration.

Salvage Grocery Near MeWe work with more than 3,000 food and beverage manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors who trust us to protect their reputations, honor their restrictions, and keep their products buried deep in the secondary marketplace and away from their everyday channels of distribution.

Why Sell to Us

Lewisco Holdings understands that your primary concern is protecting your brand and reputation. We guarantee that your salvage grocery products will enter only the most trusted secondary channels. You will never see your undesirable products where you don’t want them seen.

Our buying group consists of over 400 independent accounts across the nation, such as small, independently owned mom-and-pop retail stores, food banks, prisons, schools, discount grocers and deep discount salvage stores. We offer them a transparent and direct platform to secure bulk lots of merchandise across a variety of food and beverage categories, but do not sell to supermarkets, full-line distributors, convenience stores or restaurants.

Exposure to these carefully vetted secondary market buyers means that you can keep your brand secure by controlling who is allowed to purchase your merchandise. The size of our buyer network also enables you to move inventory whenever necessary, regardless of the product category, time of year, or volume.

Lewisco will purchase your goods outright and often makes quick, same-day decisions. We pay promptly and move your goods out fast, arranging same-day or next-day pickup by our own dedicated fleet of carriers anywhere in the continental United States for delivery to one of our 13 nationwide warehouses.

Interested in Buying Salvage Food & Beverages?

Lewisco Holdings offers discount stores and opportunity buyers high-quality, name-brand food and beverage products and general merchandise at greatly reduced prices.

We look forward to helping you stretch your budget by offering items at wholesale cost that you won’t find through standard distribution channels. If you are seeking to buy specific categories of products, we can often help you source them.

To join our group of salvage grocery buyers, contact Lewisco Holdings and provide your information and the types of products that interest you. Our staff will quickly and confidentially provide you with pricing and logistics information.

Lewisco Holdings can help you turn your problem salvage grocery products into cash. Whether you have a single pallet, a truckload, or warehouses full of products near you that you would like to sell, or you are interested in buying at unexpectedly low prices, we urge you to get in touch with us.