Pet Food Salvage Companies

Problem merchandise that no longer belongs in major lines of distribution doesn’t have to be discarded. Lewisco Holdings buys goods like pet food from major companies and redistributes the products by selling to salvage stores and other secondary marketers.

Pet Food Salvage CompaniesTurning problematic inventory around is as easy as selling it to us. You’ll then have the cash stores and storage space needed to return to profitable business.

Privately owned and long established, Lewisco Holdings discreetly transfers products from first-line distributors into secondary markets. Quantity, season, and location make no difference to us. We have the capacity and the logistics to handle your business.

Pet Food and More

Lewisco Holdings deals in a range of goods including groceries, alcohol-free beverages, pet items, and select general merchandise.

The specific pet items that we handle include kibble, dehydrated, canned, organic, freeze-dried, and biscuit style food and treats for both cats and dogs.

Salvage-Worthy Attributes

Products appropriate for salvage are not the pristine best-selling items. These goods are either slow-sellers that just won’t sell or damaged, off-spec products that aren’t up to display on major retail shelves. Examples of salvage-worthy conditions include overstocked products, closeouts, discontinued lines, items nearing best by or expiration dates, outdated versions of products with new packages or ingredients.

Salvage Buyers

The group of buyers Lewisco Holdings has relationships with numbers more than 400 separate entities. These secondary market players are far from original customer lines, and they include small private retailers, salvage grocery stores, farmers’ markets, food banks, jails/prisons, schools, animal shelters, charitable organizations, and more. We make sure that our buyers and the original lines of distribution don’t overlap.

Those who buy from us are vetted thoroughly. We have to be careful about who we sell goods to because branded merchandise needs to be confidentially buried within alternative markets. Display and advertising of these products in secondary markets could do real and lasting damage to the brand’s reputation.

Manufacturer restrictions guide the process of liquidation. If a company violates these rules, we can not sell our inventory to them. Our buyers are motivated to stick to these rules because of the deep discounts they have the chance to receive when buying brand name, quality goods.

The Process

Speed and fairness mark all of Lewisco Holdings’ processes. It begins when companies reach out to us with photos and product information. Often the same day that we receive these particulars, we can send an offer. We’re able to collect the goods that we buy the same day that our offer is accepted or the next day at the latest. We have a dedicated carrier fleet and nationwide warehouses that we use to act quickly when liquidation calls.

Other than direct liquidation, Lewisco Holdings can also provide access to our sales team. While we peddle your wares, you’ll keep possession of the goods. This arrangement may take a bit longer, but you could get a higher price. We can arrange for shipment when the process is done.

We also offer a turn-key solution that connects clients straight to the auction arena as we handle the details of the auction process.

Depend on Lewisco Holdings to appropriately handle your pet food salvage liquidation. Companies come to us when discretion, time, and fair pricing are key. For more information or to set up a regular liquidation service, call (917) 210-9395.