Overstock Foods Buyer

An overstock foods buyer like Lewisco Holdings will help your company avoid losing inventory and investments by purchasing your excess goods and offsetting the potential losses. In making these purchases, we also provide great savings for our trusted, long-term buyers.

Overstock Foods BuyerWe’re a well-known liquidator of groceries, pet foods, and general merchandise that operates from one coast to the other. Our lengthy history of transferring goods from the first line of distribution to the secondary market has taught us the best way to do what we do, and our hard-earned reputation is due to fair, fast, and satisfactory provision of service.

A Worthy Group of Buyers

More than 400 separate entities comprise our buyer group. The team at Lewisco Holdings vets each buyer and works diligently to develop a long-term relationship with each one. Our plethora of products serves members of the secondary market well and includes mom and pop shops, discount salvage grocers, educational facilities, farmers’ markets, food pantries, and jails/prisons.

Because we have a large buying group, we can purchase large amounts of products in a variety of categories, and these purchases stand to benefit buyers by providing a variety of products at deeply discounted prices.

To purchase from Lewisco Holdings, companies need to agree to all restrictions of the manufacturer, which might range from display to advertising and geography. If you’re interested in purchasing from us, give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team members about the type of products you’re seeking.

Commitments from Lewisco Holdings

  • Lewisco Holdings is a liquidator – not a broker or a trader.
  • Both our buyers and sellers can expect fast pickup – the same or next day.
  • Quantity and location are not impediments to our service.
  • Your customers and ours never overlap!
  • We purchase goods free and clear and then re-sell them.
  • Payment and offers will be prompt and fair.

Motivation to Sell Excess Inventory to Lewisco Holdings

Lewisco Holdings is a great solution for companies with surplus and overstock inventory. Turn a bad purchasing decision around by liquidating the products that just won’t sell.

Liquidating through Lewisco Holdings is a great choice. You’ll clear shelves and make more space for storage while reducing expenses and increasing available purchase power. Every client who sells to us can expect protection of their reputation and brand. You’ll retain control of how your goods will be resold by establishing appropriate restrictions.

Here at Lewisco Holdings, we purchase goods from over 3,000 distributors. This provides dead stock with a new life in secondary lines of distribution. The volume of goods, location, and season will not affect our ability to sell excess inventory.

Examples of goods that would be considered ripe for liquidation include close-dated goods, items nearing or surpassing best by and expiration dates, overstocks, closeouts, discontinued lines, products with package and formulation adjustments, private labels, and cancellations. If you have merchandise gathering dust, don’t think trash bin; think Lewisco Holdings.

If overstock foods are hindering your profit flow, liquidation buyers can turn your situation around. Lewisco Holdings welcomes the opportunity to serve as your source for liquidation or your source for purchase of salvage goods. Reach out with your company’s info, and we’re happy to work out a plan: (917) 651-0101.