Liquidation Food Items

Have problematic merchandise? The liquidation of food items through Lewisco Holdings is a safe and efficient way to deal with goods that no longer fit within the retail concept of ideal sales condition. We provide redistribution of many different products through measures that don’t risk your brand identity or reputation.

Liquidation Food ItemsLewisco Holdings brings experience and proven performance to liquidation provision. We’ve built a strong reputation and deep network of clients and customers. Partnering with Lewisco Holdings will allow your inventory issues to be dealt with fairly, quickly, and confidentially.

The Promise of Speed and Confidentiality

The buyer network we serve is 400+ strong and filled with non-traditional players like private mom-and-pops, salvage grocery stores, educational institutions, schools, after-school programs, community food banks, correctional facilities, flea market vendors, and farmers markets. Our customers commit themselves to discretion throughout the liquidation process.

The liquidation processes that we have in place permit our purchases and sales. We deal with speed and integrity for every client whom we serve.

Liquidation-Qualified Goods

The redistribution of products that we provide relates to the following categories:

  • Shelf-stable dry food items – pasta, rice, crackers
  • Canned food – sauces, tuna, vegetables
  • Frozen and refrigerated food items – dairy, TV dinners, desserts
  • Beverage items (non-alcoholic) – water, soda, ready-to-drink tea and coffee
  • Pet food – canned, kibble, raw, organic
  • Pet treats – jerky, biscuit, bites
  • Dry spices – garlic powder, oregano, basil
  • Health and beauty items – cosmetics, soap, shampoos/conditioners
  • Paper goods – napkins, toilet paper, plastic cutlery
  • Cleaning products – chemicals and tools
  • Other general merchandise and non-food closeouts

As these product categories age and become outdated, transferring them into non-traditional markets is standard practice, but this process must be discreet. Lewisco Holdings’ professionals are experts. We welcome items that are overstocked, marked down, turned down, discontinued, leftovers, or otherwise disappointing in sales.

We can handle the liquidation of any volume of goods, at any time of year, as we redistribute with integrity and speed. Rely on our efforts to keep the brand and the originally intended customer channels from being negatively affected.

Liquidation-Qualified Customers

The Lewisco Holdings’ liquidation process starts with the inventory sources, that is the producers, distributors, and retailers of the products, and it culminates with redistribution into the secondary marketplace. Reach out to the team here at Lewisco Holdings to discover the opportunities possible. We offer brand-name, high-quality products at rock bottom prices.

Our customers are able to make limited budgets squeak, pass on savings to customers, and grow a loyal customer base. We can even accommodate product requests when you find that you need specific items.

Liquidation Systems

The system that we use to liquidate relies on a team of experts. If you want to liquidate goods, you’ll need to reach out to these liquidation professionals and provide us with the following information regarding the products in question:

  • Photographs
  • Brand/label
  • Listed ingredients
  • Nutrition profile
  • Every date on packaging
  • Package size
  • Product quantity broken down by unit, case, pallet, and load
  • Pickup location
  • Required price

This information permits us to estimate a value for your goods and make an offer. The entire process can be shockingly fast. We usually send offers the same day, and when accepted, we wire payment right away and arrange for pickup the same day or the one to follow.

Lewisco Holdings’ measures for liquidation of food items will get your cash flow moving without risk or waste. Let us show you why we lead the industry. Click here or call (917) 210-9395 to book liquidation or to register as a buyer.