Liquidate Your Excess Snack Food Inventory

Lewisco Holdings provides a professional avenue to liquidate your excess snack food inventory. We take the risks, frustration, time, and effort out of the process and return cash, space, and protection for our clients. When you determine that liquidation on your own is too detrimental to your bottom line, reach out to the best in the business.

Liquidate Your Excess Snack Food InventorySellers who are eager to take advantage of our liquidation services are welcome to join the thousands of other first line market members whom we serve. To liquidate goods with us, simply send us the following product info:

  • Photographs of the goods
  • Brand and label
  • All packaging dates (interior and exterior)
  • Quantity by unit, case, pallet, and load
  • Desired price
  • Location

We will then put forward an offer (often on the same day) and await your response. Should you accept, expect payment right away and pickup the same day or the one to follow. Time is of the essence during the liquidation process.

Snack Products Welcome in the Lewisco Holdings Inventory

  • Hot snacks (pizza rolls, hot pockets, ramen noodles, egg rolls, etc.)
  • Milk and dairy snacks (yogurt, cheese cubes, string cheese)
  • Bakery snacks (chess squares, brownies, small pies, cookies)
  • Bar-style snacks (granola bars, energy bars, protein bars)
  • Savory snacks (chips, crackers, pretzels)
  • Popcorn (butter or other flavors)
  • Rice cakes or puffs
  • Nuts (plain, toasted, flavored, and mixed)
  • Meat snacks (pork rinds, jerky)

Snack food producers and sellers will face periods of excess inventory, and liquidation is the most viable solution. From changing trends to overstocking, promotions, and other problems, product issues will occur. We offer the most direct, lucrative, and discreet solution.

When we buy goods, the sellers of said goods can be confident that the brand’s identity and reputation will be well-concealed within non-traditional markets. The Lewisco Holdings’ private label, Mabel’s Farms, will even ensure confidentiality when the brand is difficult to conceal through our repackaging services.

The liquidation services that we offer can occur as one at a time or upon a recurring schedule. We have a long history of successful service for our clients and our buyers, having developed a maximized system of liquidation, a dedicated carrier network, and thirteen nationally distributed warehouses. We can be the one contact you need to deal with all of your unwanted merchandise.

In addition to snacks of all types, we welcome foods, beverages, pet items, and household goods.

Lewisco Holdings protects the brand, but we also protect the original customer channels. Restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and first-line distributors aren’t included in our buyer list. We screen and target buyers well removed from the original channels – schools and prisons, mom-and-pop shops, farmers markets, flea market vendors, community food banks, etc. The buyer group itself includes 400 separate entities, so we have no trouble redistributing various products without regard to location, product category, or season.

Alternative services that we can provide include putting sellers in touch with a turnkey auction solution or acting as a proxy sales team. We can also find specific products for trusted buyers within our network.

The benefits of Lewisco Holdings’ ability to professionally liquidate your excess snack food inventory extend from the sellers to the buyers of the goods as well. Dial (917) 210-9395 or click here to contact Lewisco Holdings for excellent customer service and liquidation measures.