Liquidate Your Excess Frozen Food Inventory

Has the time come to liquidate your excess frozen food inventory? Call on Lewisco Holdings when you need fast relief from the burden of slow-moving products and a fair price for them. We work with integrity and speed to satisfy the needs of both our clients and our customers.

Liquidate Your Excess Frozen Food InventoryProducers and first-line distributors of food and beverage products find that liquidation is an essential element of the retail process. What good steward would allow useful products to be completely wasted and take a complete loss unnecessarily?

We lead the liquidation sector by providing year after year of successful service to our sellers and buyers alike.

Liquidation typically occurs with items that are no longer in pristine condition. Discontinued product lines, overstocks, items near expiration or best by dates, closeouts, leftovers from promotions, and otherwise slow-moving merchandise are welcome within the inventory of Lewisco Holdings.

Frozen Food Categories Welcomed by Lewisco Holdings

  • Frozen fish and other sea foods
  • Frozen TV dinners and other ready meals
  • Frozen meat
  • Frozen pizza
  • Frozen potatoes (fries, tater tots, wedges, etc.)
  • Frozen bakery goods
  • Frozen desserts
  • Frozen breakfast items
  • More

Liquidation ends in greatly discounted prices, often lower than wholesale, for brand name goods that our buyers can use. Our clients accept these lowered prices in order to avoid waste and total loss. Lewisco Holdings’s customers appreciate the deals that they find as they seek ways to maximize a  limited budget and widen a small profit margin.

We promote fast resolution of liquidation – providing quick offers, item collection, sale, and delivery. In addition to frozen foods, we buy and resell refrigerated, dry, and canned foods, alcohol-free beverages, wet/dry pet food, bulk candy and spices, and general household merchandise.

Avoid Liquidation-Associated Risks

Lewisco Holdings offers protection against the inherent risks of liquidation, unlike other liquidation providers. Our conscientious approach to liquidation ensures that the brand identity and reputation are always protected. We screen all of our customers and require that they submit to following all manufacturer restrictions against advertising, sales outside of geographic boundaries, display, and wholesales.

Convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and distributors are not within our groups of prospective buyers. We sell to non-traditional buyers who will discreetly use the products that we sell. Our trusted buyer group includes about 400 different entities like salvage grocery stores, mom-and-pop shops, prisons/jails, schools, community food pantries, flea market vendors, farmers markets, and other alternative customers.

For complete brand concealment when it’s difficult, Lewisco Holdings provides Mabel’s Farms, our own private label, along with repacking services.

We have systems in place that allow us to work quickly. Thirteen nationally distributed warehouses, our own dedicated carrier network, significant purchase power, and a staff of liquidation experts are our secret weapons of liquidation. With these logistical elements and our established processes, we can provide service that satisfies all.

Should you find that the normal processes of liquidation don’t work for you, consider allowing us to provide a proxy sales service in order to find a buyer and arrange for drop shipment on your behalf. We can also offer a turnkey digital auction service for your goods.

Lewisco Holdings will liquidate your excess frozen food inventory in order to regain buying power and storage/display space. Click here to contact us in order to become a buyer or seller of liquidation worthy goods, or you can reach out by dialing (917) 210-9395.